Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 8 October : Rehan became Natasha

In the beginning of the episode, Roshni goes for a walk outside the house with Armaan. And informs Aman about this. When she comes back after a while, she says that she has hung Armaan out because he loved the fresh air. Aman is shocked to hear this. He goes out and magically brings Armaan back to Earth.

Then Roshni comes back to her senses and tells Aman that it is very irresponsible that he left Armaan out. Roshni starts taking Armaan inside and asks Aman whose action it is. Aman tells Roshni that all this is done by her only. Roshni gets shocked. Aman tells Roshni how the black crown is forcing Roshni to do all this.

Aman tells Roshni how she does all this every time she takes the form of black gin and how it becomes normal after a while. It hurts Roshni. She feels sad because she has a hand in harassing Armaan.

Rehan goes to Rubina’s house but is shocked to see Natasha there. He asks her what she is doing here. He asks she was dead then how she returned. Natasha tells him that she was not but the black gin inside her dead.

Rehan does not believe Natasha and is about to use magic on her. But Natasha stops him and says that she has come to Rubina’s house to get only one herb. Rehan then turns his attention away from her and gets into his work. He is searching for something which can help Roshni’s critical situation. And that herb he gets after a few attempts. But then there is 2 bottle of it. Rehaan does not understand which is the correct one that he has to take. He thinks to find out by sniffing. But when he smells the wrong herb, his body turns from Natasha.

Rubina is explaining to Aman how he will have to put the herb in Roshni’s body with the help of arrows. That is when Natasha, who is actually Rehan, comes there with herbs. The housemates look at Rehan and Natasha and become shocked and confused. But Rehan says that they should focus on Roshni, not on them, because Roshni is the most important thing right now. Later they are shocked to see Roshni dancing. Roshni asks them to join as well. And others points to Aman giving tonic to Roshni. But Aman gives the wrong time and illumination a tonic. Due to which Roshni has the opposite effect and becomes black gin. Episode end.

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