Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 October: An auspicious moment for Naira

At the beginning of the episode, All the family members of Goeankas and Singhanias were present in the house for honey ceremony. All of them were showing eagerness to make the baby sit there dock. But Kartik said in a funny way that no one will touch the baby, they have see her from a certain distance on by one. All of them gave a weird loom to Kartik. Then Dadi applied sight of spot to the baby. And then all of them started arguing that who will start the ceremony. After fee minutes they came to a conclusion that one by one they will go near baby and call her out to whom the baby will respond will start the ceremony.

All the family members tried on by one but the baby didn’t responded to any one. At last Krishna also tried to which Dadi made a weird face. Manish was sitting at the dining table and playing with few toys, and through that toys sound baby responded. Then Dadi hinted that Manish and Baby has past connections. Kartik called Manish to start the ceremony, as he was little frightened but Kartik made him feel safe and explained him how to start the ceremony.

Naira woke up and saw Kartik was doing something with chart papers, and scolded him to making this room as corporate office. Kartik showed him that he has written all the time table of there baby on the sheet. Then Naira replied that baby will not do anything according to us, we have to set out time table according to the baby.

Singhanias were getting ready of the nahavan ceremony, kirti said to Naksh that now its time disclose our divorce decision, suddenly Naksh noticed Krish and flipped the topic. Kartik was getting ready with the excitement of the ceremony and Naira was also ready with the baby. As they were coming downstairs they saw Manish and Krishna coming from the other side. Kartik acknowledged Manish that in today’s ceremony he has to sit beside the baby. And Krishna added her name too with Manish for sit beside the baby in the ceremony. Gayu was little upset as this excitement was not present at vatsal’s ceremony.

Ceremony started and Naira was receiving gift. Krishna and Manish was playing together, suddenly Manish saw a Kartik photo frame and started insisting too meet Kartik now.

Episode end……

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