Qurbaan Hua 9 October : Chahat gets perplexed

At the beginning of the episode, Godhambhari asked Naveli, who helped her in changing the recording. Naveli mentioned Gazla’s name and explained how she helped her change the recording and save her from Chahat’s trap. At that moment, Gazala entered started back bitching about Chahat. Godhambhari appreciated her work and said to be loyal in the future also. After Gazala left the room, Godhambhari warned Naveli that no one in the house should know the relation between Pramukh and Naveli. And said not to trust blindly to anyone. Then Naveli requested Godhambhari to prevent his wedding planning. Godhambhari said she would deny by choosing any best reason for it.

Vyas Ji called Chahat and handed her all the responsibilities as guests were about to come for dinner. Jamunaprsahd taunted and said if Chahat would not be able to do all the work, then she is free to deny. But Chahat gave the assurance that she will handle all the responsibilities carefully. Vyas Ji told her to use the crockery set, which was on the kitchen’s upper shelf. As Chahat had blisters in her hand, Vyas Ji called Gazala and said she stood on the stool and brought down the new crockery set. Gazala started panicking and thought she would step up on the seat, and Chahat will see her face. Anyhow Gazala carefully stepped up and handed on set to Chahat and on the second round stool imbalanced, and Gazlaa dropped the crockery set. And it got broken. Gazala requested her not to complain this to Vyas Ji as she will pay for this from her salary.

Chahat thought of going to the market and bring a new crockery set, and she will also get the phone repaired on the way. In the market, Chahat noticed difficulty with her heels, so she went there and helped her. And then the girl recognized Chahat and removed her mask, then Chahat too recognized her. They had a few talks, and then the girl left by saying that she has some urgent work. Then Chahat came back home and noticed the same sandal at the door and started thinking that now hoe she will in front of the guest, if she goes, her college friend will recognize her, and everyone would get to know that she is Dr. Baigs, daughter. Chahat was standing outside and just praying and seeking for some help from her God.
Episode ends……

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