Barrister babu 8 October : Anirudh calls himself the abandoned man

At the beginning of the episode, Sampoorna tells Anirudh the truth that Bondita did everything for her only. Anirudh says all the fault is that he did not believe in Bondita and removed her from the house. Anirudh says that he is not even able to show face to Bondita anymore. Sampoorna says this is not the time to take being emotional but to take action, and before that, the village will do something worse to Bondita. He has to go there and save her. Anirudh agrees and tells of bringing the car, but he goes with a bicycle when no one hears him.

There Devolina insists on Bondita to go to Kolkata. But Bondita says that now her mother is coming to her senses, so she will leave by telling her mother. Debolina says that there is not much time, and if her mother is conscious, then her mother will not let her go, and she will never remove the stigma of the left woman from her head. Bondita considers this and decides to leave. She leaves the house crying.

Further, Bondita asks the man about Gandhiji, to which he does not know a single answer. Bondita says that he does not know anything about Gandhiji. The man says that his mind is not so sharp, so he has some knowledge.

Bondita recalls the song of Gandhi from Anirudh. And she sings all the way. When Anirudh and her path cross, Anirudh listens to the song. He stops the bullock cart, but the man hides Bondita and hides it in the flowers’ basket. When Anirudh does not see Bondita, he leaves.

Anirudh goes to Bondita’s house where Devolina is counting the notes. Anirudh arrives. She hides the letter. Anirudh asks about Bondita. She says that Bondita has run away. Anirudh feels sad. He shouts from the village and says he is now an abandoned man. Episode end.

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