Anupamma 8th Sep : Samar helps Nandini

Episode begins with Anupamaa and Rakhi sees Vanraj with Kavya. Vanraj too sees them and tells Kavya that he doesn’t know Anupamaa and Rakhi meeting there. Kavya asks now what he will do.

He says he will handle it so she need not to worry. Rakhi says he sent his wife to talk about the alliance and roaming with his colleague. He says he had client meeting and he knows Anupamaa gonna meet her here.

Rakhi mocks Vanraj and leaves from there after bidding bye to Anupamaa. Anupamaa takes Vanraj’s hand in her hand and says Rakhi agreed for Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage, now they just has to fix engagement date. He gets surprised hearing her and appreciates her.

Kavya congratulate them. Anupamaa asks she should wait till their meeting ends or what and says she can’t wait to reveal the happy news to her family. He thinks he can’t hurt Kavya but he wants to tell the good news to Paritosh to see him happy. Kavya understands what he thinks and tells them that she will handle the client alone. Because of his car’s tyre puncture they had to wait there for sometime.

Kinjal thanks Rakhi for agreeing to the marriage and hugs her. Rakhi says she denied for her well-being and now agreed for her happiness. She asks her to think about her engagement.

Anupamaa tells what all she told to Rakhi. Vanraj gets impressed with her and asks this time what condition Rakhi kept.

Anupamaa says there is no condition this time. Vanraj says her behavior seems strange. Anupamaa says Rakhi agreed for Kinjal’s happiness and Vanraj should reveal this happy news to Paritosh. She tells Kavya about Vanraj’s allergy.

Kavya says the meeting cancelled so she should leave for office. Anupamaa asks her to join them and Vanraj agrees with her. She sits on passenger seat and Kavya gets upset seeing that.

Samar comes to help Nandini and they argues with each other again. Kavya gets jealous seeing Vanraj and Anupamaa and thinks Anirudh was right that Vanraj may love her but Anupamaa will be his wife that’s why she is in the back seat and Anupamaa sitting on passenger seat.

She thinks till now she felt bad for Anupamaa but now she feels bad for herself and she can’t share Vanraj with her and only she should stay with him not Anupamaa. Paritosh waits for Anupamaa and wonders why she is cutting his calls.

Nandini gives the tools to Samar and thanks him for the help. He says he needs her help and shows some message to her. Shah family entertains Paritosh till Anupamaa reaches home. Vanraj tells the good news to Paritosh.

Paritosh and his family gets happy hearing him. Samar says he got message from Anupamaa that’s why they did all. Samar says Anupamaa completed her challenge before 24hours. Anupamaa gets happy hearing Vanraj’s praise but that irks Kavya.

Episode ends.

Precap – Shah family celebrates their happiness. Anirudh visits Vanraj’s house and tells Anupamaa about Kavya and Vanraj’s affair.

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