Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 8th Sep : Aman and Roshni hatches a plan

Episode begins with Aman and Roshni understand that there are two Jinns in their house and they gather in front of the room of Chunbun and tries to notice anything. Aman says to Roshni that we have to bring out the second Jinn out first. Roshni and Aman got an idea and spread baby powder in front of her room but Roshni starts to sneeze due to it and Chunbun gets to sense that there is someone outside the room. She comes out and gets the smell of baby talc. She thinks that Armaan is nearby and goes to see him. Aman and Roshni who were hiding nearby comes there and spots two footprints on the powder and gets sure about the presence of two jinn in the house but out of them one is invisible. Aman thinks we have to do something to bring that other part of Chunbun in front of all. Rehaan is sleeping in his car when he gets the sound of radio as Shayari is trying to fix a station and he asks her to put it off immediately. She says this is better to listen rather than his sounds of snoring. He says I don’t snor at all, Shayari then your moustache must be snoring on behalf of you. Shayari says I am setting the radio for the sake of listening to the talking of Natasha. She says she secretly puts a mic in her leg and now they can hear her voice. Natasha is talking about Chunbun and how powerful they are . Before Shayari can gets to hear the solution of dealing with spider jinn the connection got cut. On the other side, Armaan does magic and due to the sounds of bell the other part of Chun comes in front as bell is her weakness. Roshni gets a hint from her mother who witnessed the entire thing being trapped. Roshni does a patch test and she and Aman saw the Bun part of Chu bun in front of them. Rubina helped them to get a bell and a rope to capture Chunbun. Rehaan calls Anjum to inform her trying to bring out Bun in front will be risky as she is enough powerful and this will bring more problems for us before they can complete something heavy falls on their car and Anjum decided to inform and stop Aman and Roshni. However, before she can reach Roshni already attacked her and Bun captures the entire family in her web and also holds the sword and breaks it into two pieces. Chunbun praises Aman and Roshni for almost catches her but couldn’t do the last bit properly as they are not intelligent enough. She says now you all will survive for maximum 1 hour only and then I will eat you all along with Chun. Aman and Roshni feel trapped and worried and Rubina is also feeling helpless now. Precap – Aman and Roshni are free from web and trying to save their son Armaan who is in grave danger.

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