Shakti 7th Sep : Nutan lost her life saving Virat from Kareena

Today’s episode starts with Kareena taking Heer with her. Nutan tried to stop Kareen but Kareena somehow managed to carry away Heer with her by hitting Nutan. Preeto and Harak looks for Heer. Here, Soham celebrates Heer’s kidnapping with Rohan. Rohan miss Heer and Soham ask him not to think about Heer. Ahead, Virat brings food for his brother at Police station. Virat learns about Heer’s Kidnapping from Nutan. Virat tells to his brother about Heer but his brother refuses to save Heer. Virat run to save Heer. Other side, drunk Soham and Rohan sleep. Nutan somehow manages to inform Preeto about Heer’s kidnapping. Later, Virat reaches on time and blocks Kareena’s way. Kareena orders her men to catch Virat too. Virat fights with Kareena’s men and beats them to the blue. Further, Kareen puts Virat on gun point. She shoots the bullet. Nutan comes at the right time and takes the bullet on her. Virat stands shocked. Kareena shoots more bullets and Nutan took all the bullets on her saving Virat from her. Virat fight with Kareena and she pushes Virat and escapes from the place. Nutan calls Virat. Virat says to Nutan that he will take her to the hospital. Nutan takes the last breath asking Virat to protect Heer. She tells him that Heer loves him a lot. Virat gets teary and screams ‘Nutan’ after Nutan dies. Afterwards, Preeto, Harak, Mallika and other transgender comes and asks Virat what happened. Virat tells while saving him, Nutan died. Preeto worries for Heer. She finds Heer in the cab. Heer wakes up and sees Nutan. She tries to wake her up. Heer cries. (Episode Ends)

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