Arushi Nishank: My husband makes me realise that I am a ‘Wonder Woman’

Actress-producer and social activist Arushi Nishank says that she always celebrates Women’s Day at an orphanage. She adds that the roles that women play in life have also evolved over the years.

“Women’s day is important for me, I am a person who always believes that we should relish womanhood every single day, we are nature. We are the ones who run the whole life cycle, so this becomes very important to first relish and cherish ourselves as a woman. Nothing as such but every year we visit an orphanage and spend the day with young girl children,” she says.

She adds, “God has created a very beautiful soul and she is a woman. The way we talk, walk or work, we embrace womanhood. For me, walking in the workplace and seeing that women are doing better than men, and there is no comparison or inequality at work force, makes me believe that we, as a generation, have evolved and understand that we don’t only belong to the kitchen.”

Ask her who or what makes her feel the most important as a woman, and she says, “I would say it has to be my husband because he makes me realise that I am a ‘Wonder Woman’. Yes, this is what he calls me because only a women can do multiple tasks at one time, yet be very emotional and connected with the family. This is the beautiful gift we have and which we keep sharing, he is the only one who always boosts me that I work like a man and this is really a powerful combination while you’re a woman who works equally like a man.”

However, there must be a similar day for men as well, she says, “We really need to celebrate Men’s Day too. Woman is a source of power who can not only cook but can run the entire family, who just can’t give birth but also runs the entire lifecycle. Women’s Day is just a reminder that women are self-sufficient, and they can do anything.”