Akashdeep Sabir on International Women’s Day: My mother, wife and sister deserve the highest love, respect, in short they deserve the best every day

March 8 celebrated globally as International Women’s Day has a huge significance. The day recognises and celebrates the contribution of the female force in our lives and society. Actor and director Akashdeep Sabir speaks on the significance of the occasion, and what the day means to him.

“Every day is a day to celebrate because life is beautiful. And the women in our lives make it more beautiful for us. I believe my mother, wife and sister deserve the best every day. They are the most important women in my life. A mother, a wife, who is also the mother of our kids, and my sister make my life better. Therefore, all three of them deserve the highest love and respect,” he adds.

Akashdeep believes in equality. At the same time, he appreciates the work done by the female force in driving the world.

About the women he looks up to and why, he says, “It gets most difficult for our wives because they leave their house and come and make our home their home. That is not easy honestly and if the men are living in a happy home, the wives have done a wonderful job of adjusting and understanding.”