Balika Vadhu 2 4 November 2021 written update – Ratan wants to meet Anandi

At the beginning of the episode, Madiba says that she is the daughter-in-law of this house but also a little girl so she should take rest. Anandi says that she is not tired so will do all the work. Madiba gets sad. Sejal asks how was her school day today. Anandi remembers that Ratan also used to ask similar questions to her. She says that she had a good day. Jigar tries to make her laugh. But Anandi does not laugh and leaves from there.

Here Khemji comes from Anandi’s school. He tells Ratan that Anandi’s name has been dropped from the school. He tells Ratan that now it will keep reminding him how wrong he has done to Anandi. Ratan’s eyes moisten. Anandi is studying here. She thinks that soon she will learn everything. She is missing her family also. The next morning, Anandi wakes up early and does all the work. Sejal gets shocked seeing this.

Further Ratan calls Sejal. Sejal asks her how’s is she? Ratan ignores this and tells Sejal where is Anandi as she wants to talk to her. Sejal says that Anandi cannot talk to her right now. Ratan asks did Anandi get any punishment again today. She refuses and tells that Anandi has gone to school. She adds that she knows that she and Premji have made a mistake but she will not let any harm come to Anandi from now on.

Ratan says that she was missing Anandi. She asks Sejal to send her photo in school dress. Sejal says fine. Here at school, Anandi is asked some questions by her English teacher. When Anandi is unable to answer this, some girls laugh at her. But still, Anandi helps them due to which those girls feel bad and they apologizes to Anandi and asks her to be their friend. Anandi gets happy and asks them to help her in her studies.

Later, Anandi comes home from school. Sejal teaches her household chores. Premji comes there and tells Sejal that Mehul and his family are coming back to India so now their problem will also be solved. Premji says that Mehul will be accompanied by his son Anand and will reunite him with Anandi. Anandi wonders if Anand will become her friend. Further she studies at night. Here Ratan sees Anandi’s photo in school dress. She insists on Khemji that she wants to meet Anandi.

The next day Anandi comes to the school and Ratan and Khemji also reach the school there. They get happy seeing Anandi. Ratan wants to go to Anandi but Khemji stops her. While Anandi feels that Ratan is around her. She tries to see Ratan but Kanku asks her to attend the class.