Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai actor Charrul Malik: We all have to constantly evolve… there are a lot of changes that I found in myself over the years as a performer

Evolution for an artist is a continuous process. As time progresses, an actor learns more and develops as a human being as well. One is therefore aware of the changes that experience and maturity bring in one’s life. News anchor turned actor Charrul Malik, who is a part of the hit sitcom Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, talks about her journey so far.

“We all have to constantly evolve. There are a lot of changes that I found in myself over the years, both as a performer. The first thing is my style of anchoring. When you act you have to be very natural. In the act, you are not only talking about something but also you are already connected with the character’s emotions and experiences. The anchors have to deliver their message to the public. They have to talk fluently to the public, it’s different from acting. One thing from anchoring that I can use is I have clarity in my words. I am also brushing up on my acting skills. Every day is a learning process. I see my previous videos and try to understand my mistakes where I spoke in speed, and I try to work on them. I changed myself a lot. I am following many actors to learn more. Observing everyone but never copying is my mantra. I want to be myself, I want to create my own style,” she says.

In presenting an actor or a scene perfectly, there are a lot of people working behind the screen. However, at the end of it, only the actor gets all the limelight. Agreeing, Charrul adds, “From the spot boy, driver, to the makeup artist, hair stylist, to all the technicians, Camera person, directors, assistant directors, etc, all these people are involved behind the scene to make sure things come out perfectly. There is so much effort from them. It feels like everyone is on a mission. On the shoot day, everybody is busy with their work. Everyone thinks about only actors, but I always think about everyone. If someday my mood is off, I can’t spoil their mood because my scenes depend on them. That’s why the relationship between us has to be happy and coordinated. Everybody has their own role in the shoot. It’s a team effort but actors get the limelight and we get the best deal out of it. As you all know in this show, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain, always shows the names of makeup artists, the production team, and so on. It should be there because they are the main people who inform us about tomorrow’s shoot and do a lot of work. Without them, the show can’t be perfect. We all are important. I think everyone has important roles to play and must get due credit. An actor is only the face of the screen but everybody is a part of it,” she ends.