I just want victims universally to know that they do not have to suffer- Somy Ali!

Somy Ali who did a couple of Bollywood films like Aao Pyaar Kare, Teesra Kaun, and Anth in the 90s is successfully running NGO No More Tears and is very happy with the response to her docu-series- Fight or Fight on Discovery Plus.

Through the docu-series, a lot of awareness has been spread, says Somy. “I have received many emails praising our NGO and our courage, but the best compliment was an email telling me about my having the courage to share my truth even if it took 20 years. Anyone who has some knowledge of trauma knows that many victims take years to speak up and I started speaking up three years ago even before I had a documentary series. It was one of my closest friends who encouraged me to do so given the work I do daily, he said, you should share your story,” she says.

She adds, “I just want victims universally to know that they do not have to suffer. No one deserves to be sexually, physically, or verbally abused. No child should be trafficked and sold into prostitution. There is help out there and if you are unable to reach No More Tears due to geographical reasons, still seek help. There is no shame in asking for help. Remember you are the victim not the perpetrator. Therefore, I highly emphasize that please look for help even if it means telling a friend or a neighbor. You do not and should not endure what I did and the victims my NGO has rescued. We are here to help you and there are many others who would be willing to help you too.” Well, Somy you are doing amazing work as an individual and it is surely worth it.