Harphoul Mohini 17th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Mohini and her family perform the last rites of Susheela’s baby girl. Mohini recalls how Susheela asked to save the baby. She also recalls how village ladies cursed Susheela and her baby. Maai cries. She says that she also lost her daughter like this. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. Maai says that this village person snatched her daughter from her. Mohini consoles her. She wonders who killed Maai’s daughter.

On the other hand, Balwant talks about his father’s photo. He says that Susheela should have died too with that baby. He tells him that he follows the latter’s path. He says that this world belongs to men so he won’t tolerate girls’ burden. He says that he won’t let anyone change his village. He adds that Mohini can’t bring change at all. He asks Devyani to celebrate Susheela’s baby’s death.

Meanwhile, Maai says that her father-in-law got to know that she was pregnant with a baby girl. So he aborted her baby when Harveer was out of the village. She says that this village killed many baby girls. She adds that she would have saved her daughter if the government brought the law earlier then. She says that today also she can feel that her daughter asking to save other girl babies.

Harphoul tells Santok that if their sister was alive then she would be elder to the latter. Santok tells him that she would have tied rakhi on his hand every year. They talk that how good it would have been if their sister was alive then. Mohini says that they can grow plants on behalf of their sister. She brings plants. Maai gets emotional seeing that. Harphoul says that this is his sister from now on. He asks Maai what she would have named his sister. She tells him that she wanted to name her daughter Muskaan.

Harphoul hears Saraswati’s noise. He gives food to Saraswati. Mohini tells him that she can feed Saraswati too. She feeds Saraswati. She understands that he is sad. She asks him to say something or fight with her. She says that she knows that he is hurt. She reminds him that Saraswati is his sister too. She tells him that she wants to become Saraswati’s friend. He helps her to become Saraswati’s friend.

Mohini asks Maai to not lose hope. She says that they will change this village the way Harveer wanted to change. She asks her to not cry. She tells her that she is proud of her for standing against the village people. They hear a dhol sound. Shalini tells them that the village person celebrating Susheela’s baby’s death. Meenu scolds village ladies for not helping Mohini. Mohini says that she won’t let any baby girl die from now on.

After two days, Harphoul’s family sits to eat khichdi and onion. Shalini says that they are eating this because of Mohini. Meanwhile, Balwant tells Banwari that Maai’s family is not eating anything for the last two days. He says that Mohini will learn her place seeing her family suffering without food. Maai feels dizzy and she pours water on the food plate by mistake. She cries for ruining the khichdi. Harphoul, Mohini, and Santok tell her that it’s fine.

Mohini takes Harphoul aside and tells him that Maai’s sugar level decreasing because she is not eating regularly. She asks him to tell his friends to bring food for Maai. She goes to Maai and tries to divert her. Harphoul calls Sukha and asks him to bring food for Maai. Mohini asks Maai to sing with her. Harphoul and Santok join Mohini. They sing together. Maai faints. Mohini splashes water on Maai’s face. She tells Harphoul that they have to give sweets to Maai. They search for sweet in the kitchen but finds nothing.

Sakundala and Sukha comes there. Mohini and Harphoul get shocked to see their injuries. Mohini asks them to not let Maai sleep and goes out. Harphoul leaves the house. Mohini knocks on everyone’s house and asks them to give them sugar.

Harphoul reaches the sweet shop and asks the shop owner to give them sweets. The shop owner calls Balwant. Balwant gets happy hearing Harphoul’s pleadings. The shop owner refuses to sell sweets to Harphoul. Harphoul agrees to pay extra money. Shop owner asks him to leave from there. Harphoul tries to steal sweet. Banwari’s guys beat Harphoul up.

Mohini returns house and cries. Harphoul beat Banwari and his guys. He picks Mohini’s call and returns house. Sharda scolds Balwant for eating so much sweet. She sends servant to bring insulin. Mohini tells Harphoul that she found sugarcane in their house. They give sugarcane juice to Maai. Maai opens her eyes. Everyone gets relieved seeing that. Abhimanyu comes there with his parents. He says that they brought milk.