Bhagya Lakshmi 14th March 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th March 2023 Written Update Ayush and their family members going to the hospital. Ayush asks the Nurse about Rishi and Lakshmi. The nurse says no one is admitted to their hospital with those names and asks them to check another hospital. Virendra apologises to the Nurse for the inconvenience. Karishma asks Ayush if his information is correct. Ayush says yes but now I feel it’s wrong. Dadi asks where to search for them. Virendra says Malishka said she saw the vehicle on the way so they may go near the hospital so it’s good to search near hospitals. Ayush agrees and they leave from there.

Risho was lost in the corridor. He sees the Doctor and asks if Lakshmi’s surgery is done or not. The Doctor says the operation is done and she has to gain consciousness in 3 hours otherwise she might slip into a coma. Rishi gets shocked. Rishi says Lakshmi is strong and she won’t slip into a coma so do something to save her. The Doctor says I wish for her recovery as we have given the best treatment, and she shall gain consciousness, but there will be one problem even after she gains consciousness that’s her memory can be affected. The doctor asks him to pray for Lakshmi and allows him to meet Lakshmi.

Rishi goes to Lakshmi’s room and cries sitting near her. Kiran worries for Malishka. She calls Malishka. Malishka attends the calls. Kiran asks if she and Rishi are fine. Malishka says she is fine but doesn’t know about Rishi. Kiran says you guys went to marriage together then how you don’t know about him. Malishka says he is safe from the fire accident and he took Lakshmi to the hospital who got Injured but on the way, I saw his car and they met with an accident so don’t know how they are. Kiran says everything will be fine. Malishka says nothing will be fine until Lakshmi stays in their lives. She cuts the call.

Shalu and Bani decide to search near hospitals to find Lakshmi and Rishi. Rano asks where are they going. Shalu informs her of everything. Rano asks them to go and Inform her when they get any info. On another side, Rishi requests Lakshmi to wake up for him. He recalls their moments. He says he can’t live without her. Tears flow down from Lakshmi’s eyes. Rishi asks Lakshmi to wake up. Lakshmi presses Rishi’s hand. Lakshmi opens her eyes and takes Rishi’s name. Rishi feels happy hearing this. Rishi asks the nurse to check Lakshmi as she regained consciousness. The nurse and Rishi see that Lakshmi still hasn’t regained consciousness. Rishi says he is telling the truth and asks the nurse to check it out. The nurse asks Rishi to take some rest as he looks stressed. The nurse asks him not to worry as the operation went well and says now everything is in God’s hands. The nurse gives Lakshmi’s Mangalsutra to Rishi.

Rishi comes out of the room looks at the mangalsutra and thinks Lakshmi always kept her word but he betrayed Lakshmi.

Malishka comes to the Oberoi mansion. Mukesh says that nobody is in the house. Kiran calls Malishka and gives her the information that Neelam and the Oberoi’s went to a hospital but Rishi isn’t there. So they went to another hospital looking for Rishi. Malihska thinks Rishi is troubling everyone.

Rishi comes to Maata Rani temple and prays to Maata Rani for Lakshmi’s well being. Rishi recalls how Lakshmi taught him to pray properly. Rishi while walking back runs into a Sadhu. Rishi apologises to Sadhu and says his mind is not here. Sadhu accepts his apology. Sadhu sees that Rishi is looking worried and suggest him to pray to Maata Rani by doing a one legged Prayer pose after the Aarti and after it then his wish for Lakshmi will come true. Rishi gets surprised hearing Sadhu take Lakshmi’s name. Rishi says he might no do it as he didn’t do it before. The Sadhu asks Rishi to do it with his heart strength. The Temple Pandit says it is time for Aarti and gives Aarti to Maata Rani. The Sadhu says it is time. The Sadhu leaves from there. Rishi does the One legged Prayer Pose and prays to Maata Rani.

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