Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Virendra saying Dadi’s idea is good. Neelam objects to this idea. Virendra agrees with Neelam then Dadi gives an alternative and says after he came from there he can take Lakshmi to someplace. Virendra agrees and says they can also go abroad.

Balwinder talks with Guddu about the food and then talks about Lakshmi. Balwinder says no matter what he will take revenge on them.

Ayush asks Rishi if he is going to Bangalore. Ayush says tomorrow foreign delegates are coming they liked the hotel and the only concern is about the food. Ayush says food is not his department. Rishi thinks of who to give the food responsibility. Malishka says she can help him if there is any problem. Ayush praises Malishka for her idea and gives the food responsibility to Lakshmi. Malishka says she gave this idea for herself. Ayush says yes I know but when I thought in my mind it changed into my idea. Lakshmi asks what she has to do. Rishi says she just has to cook. Ayush says if this succeeds the full credit goes to Lakshmi. Rishi also says after all she is my wife.

Malishka says to herself that Lakshmi became a curse in her life and if Lakshmi is not here then Rishi would have said to her what he said to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi asks Rishi if he will not miss her. Rishi says yes I will not miss you as you fry my brain. Rishi thinks how can I not miss you as I think about you all the time.

Virendra asks Rishi if he packed all the documents. Neelam tells him to eat his food properly there. Malsishka wishes him a safe journey. Rishi leaves without talking yo Lakshmi.

When he goes on the car he thinks why didn’t Lakshmi talk to her. While Lakshmi thinks the same thing about him. Ayush asks Lakshmi why didn’t she get ready as we have to go. Malishka also wants to tag along with them. Ayush warns Malishka to not come if she wants to plan something bad and says he is suspicious of her in the fake Pandit incident. Malishka says she is just coming there to help them.

Neelam asks Virendra why did Ayush give that responsibility to Lakshmi I will talk to Rishi about it. Virendra says Rishi himself gave Lakshmi the responsibility. Neelam asks if he is going to accept Lakshmi as her daughter again. Virendra says there will come a time when she is also going to accept her as daughter. Neelam says that dat will never happen.

Ayush introduces Lakshmi to the chefs and says she is the head chef today. Lakshmi asks for their help as she can’t do anything alone. The chefs agree. Malishka thinks this is her status and thinks she can never be a owner and Malishka will come here next time as Malishka Oberoi.

Rishi arrives at Bangalore and thinks he can handle it here and worries about what is happening there.

Rishi calls Lakshmi and talks to her and asks what is happening there. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he is worried about what is happening here. Rishi says I don’t need to worry as you are there but I left there everything. Lakshmi says there is no need to worry and tells a joke to make him worry free. Rishi laughs at Lakshmi’s joke.

Malishka sees Rishi and Lakshmi talking on the phone. Lakshmi says there is no need to worry about here as she will take care of everything here. Rishi says after talking to her he became worry free and says if she is with him nothing bad can happen to him.