Celebs on whether friendship with ex is possible or is it better to move on forever

Friendship with an ex is quite rare. Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Khan have been a proof to the fact that not every broken relationship should be treated as sore. Their mutual love, respect and support for each other are inspiring. In fact, both have reportedly found love again. As per the rumours, Hrithik is dating Saba Azad, while Sussane is with Arslan Goni. On this note of positivity, we ask celebs if they think friendship with ex is possible or if they believe that once they have moved on, they should move on forever. Here’s what they have to say:

Balraj Syal
This is a very personal and subjective issue. Sometimes even people who really love each other can’t live together. To love or like someone is one thing and to be with that person for the rest of your life is another thing. There’s a misconception because of which relationships break down, people fall apart but still in their hearts feel that that the other person was good. So it is possible to relive good memories with someone, meet them happily keeping everything positive. Coming to the moving on part, whether one wants to stay in touch with their ex depends on how comfortable they are with each other. If a boy is with someone else and later if he ends up meeting with his ex, will his current partner be okay with that? Will the present relationship get affected? Will this create a misunderstanding in his present relationship? All these questions arise in that case. In case there’s no problem in being friends with your ex then that’s fine. Our heart is not a dustbin, there should not be any grudges, hatred for anyone. It’s a garden of good things. Some people move on in their life, and there are people who keep in touch with their ex and they’re happy. But if that is not affecting your current relationship, then there’s no problem. It is totally a personal call and understanding. We are nobody to comment on anybody’s personal life. People have the right to decide whom they want to be seen with or not, including Hrithik and Sussane. There was a time when Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone used to date each other. But today’s time if you see Ranveer and Ranbir as good friends, chilling together, that’s their choice. I feel that if the relationship between me and my wife is getting affected because of our past relationships, I definitely will stay away from that. But if that’s adding smiles, then I am okay.

Ayush Anand
This is very personal. It clearly depends on the equation between two people and also if children are involved then there has to be a relationship of equal responsibility that needs to be dealt with a lot of maturity and understanding. I am not married, and if I talk about myself then for me if a relationship is over then it’s over. I can’t be friends with my ex because it will be too complicated for me. So, I believe in wishing the other person the best and moving on and allowing the other person to move on as well.

Hemant Chaddha
This is a matter of personal choice. It all depends on what level of relationship a couple parted ways on and therefore it varies from person to person. If the breakup was not ugly but mutual and amicable then there is no harm in keeping touch or staying friends. You can move on forever but still be friends as long as that is not creating problems in the present relationship, but again I will repeat, it all depends on the situation and the individual. For me, I think once the relationship is done, it’s done.

Pragati Mehra
This is subjective, there are no ground rules for this. It completely depends on the two individuals involved. Also with time/age/experience one evolves, so what was unacceptable say five years ago is absolutely fine today, people change, situations change and so does our reaction to it. But as they, to each his own. Whatever works and keeps one sane is the correct thing to do.

Samer Singh Dawar
I don’t see any harm in having your ex as your friend. It all depends on the maturity of the relationship and how comfortable both parties are. Taking my own life’s example, I myself have been involved in a couple relationships by far and while one ended on a sour note, the others, with both the parties involved being mature enough, ended on an amicable note. We still are friends, respect each other, congratulate each other on one’s personal growth and even lend a helping hand when required. At the end it all comes down to two things in a relationship apart from love, one being respect and the other is honesty. When these two factors get along with the love that you share with your partner, no matter what the reason may be for an end of your relationship things stay positive in between. The bottom line is that love, affection and care never fades away, it can change its shape into being that of a friendship rather than of a boyfriend/husband but it stays inside you, and it can either be nurtured with maturity and respect or drowned into a pool with negativity, anger, jealousy and disrespect. At the end, it all comes down to what path is most apt for the two people involved.

Simaran kaur
I think it shows how amazing and wonderful human beings both Hrithik and Sussane are. We should aspire to be mature and empathetic like them. Though break-ups are hard, it is always nice to maintain friendships. I do not believe in spending my energy to forget and ignore anyone. I believe in keeping positive emotions for everyone I know.

It totally depends on relationships. If the currency of exchange in the relationship is based on friendship, the relationship won’t end after a breakup. One needs to understand if it is a bond of just a relationship or something deeper? So while the relationship might end, the connection doesn’t. Also when kids are involved there will always be that connection as parents. Nothing in life lasts forever, we all cross paths. We just need to put the past behind us and be mature to deal with relationships. S#@$ happens, it is a part of the journey and experience called life.

Delnaaz Irani
It is an individual choice to be friends with the ex. Hrithik and Sussane’s case is their individual choice and matter. We are nobody to judge or pass comments. Friendship with an ex is surely a rare thing, but one can surely be cordial. Everyone is living life their way and what works for one may not work for another. Live and let live is the best policy. To hold any grudges is a waste of time and energy.

Abhishek Kumaarr
I feel this is a very subjective matter. It depends on the two people, on the bond they shared and how and why they separated. Sometimes it is on a cordial note, other times it’s bad. If things ended amicably it’s all right, but if it is the other way round, there is much miscommunication and negativity then it’s better to move on. I personally feel that it’s very difficult to actually be friends with your ex. If we talk about Hrithik and Sussane, they are handling things well. Also, what we see about them is mostly on social media. I feel social media is an illusion. What we see is just a shadow, everyone trying to look good and happy. Real and reel life are very different. I feel friendship with ex is possible in some cases and in some cases it’s not possible but yes if you find any misunderstanding in your relationship, try to sort it out if possible. But if it isn’t, it’s always better to move on. So that both the people involved stay happy. Every individual needs their own space.