Charrul Malik: Fun shooting for Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!

Charrul Malik:  Binaiferr ma’am and Sanjay sir are best in their beat!

Actress Charrul Malik is enjoying working on Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!
“It is sheer fun shooting for both the shows (Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!). My co-actors, colleagues, teammates of both the shows are very fun oriented. There’s a stress-free environment there. We just laugh on and off camera. It is a lot of fun. I feel like I am working in a happy zone where I am comfortable. It feels like family and I am enjoying it. In corona times, whatever tension happens like lockdown, I feel it is the best place to relieve tension. In today’s time, people do meditation. I feel that by doing these comedy shows, my soul feels happy,” she said.
Talking about her character Russa, she said, “Russa is Charrul and Charrul is Russa. I am not pretending to be someone else. I am not into any other character. I am acting myself. It’s very easy and smooth for me to function like Russa. No retakes are taken of my shoot because I think they think that I am playing the character perfectly. I don’t have to do anything additional. I am playing myself. So I think I am very natural.”
She describes Russa as a fun-loving, upfront and outgoing girl. “She speaks her mind and has fun. I am like her in real life as well. I don’t stay serious a lot. I keep ragging people around me obviously, I don’t hurt anyone. I am doing the same thing in Bhabi Ji….,” she said.
She shared that her track in Happu… will be very different. “I can’t reveal the story much, but it will be shown that Happu and I are dating which will create a lot of confusion in the house,” said the actress.
She has even worn her own outfits for the shows. “It’s not like I don’t have options. I do get options for a lot of good dresses I get to wear. I also carry my own clothes a lot of times. If I feel like this will look good, I wear my clothes as well. I think the designer understood my taste. The style of clothes I used to wear in real life, I am getting the same kind of dresses in both the shows. I think it’s exactly me. So you’ll get to see my touch because designers in any show won’t force their choices on you; they’ll give you options and ask you what clothes you are comfortable in and how you carry your clothes. They checked my Instagram as well. They did their homework and then they finalized the clothes,” she said.
Her fun moments with co-stars are reflected on her reels. “I am happy that people are liking the reels, especially the ones with my chemistry with Rohitashv ji. My chemistry with TMT (Tika Malkhan Tillu), people are loving it. The chemistry that people like is real chemistry. It’s not like we are pretending that we have a chemistry. We seriously have a lot of fun while making reels,” she said. “We see 10 to 15 reels first then show them to each other then when everyone approves them, we finalize a reel. If Tika Malkhan are not satisfied then we say okay we’ll make some other reel. We make one reel in 5 mins. Now our equation has grown so much that we don’t require much time. Even with Rohitashv ji, it takes less time to make a reel. He is so candid and spontaneous. Now we’ve gone pro,” she added. For Charrul, it’s essential to be happy to act in front of the camera.  “It is a must for everyone who’s doing a comedy show or a non-comedy show because ultimately, we are in front of the camera so we have to be in sync with ourselves and the camera. If you are happy then your work is done smoothly and seamlessly. Staying happy is important because it will maintain your enthusiasm level and pace. When you are in a happy zone, everything automatically goes well. For an actor, it is a must to be in a happy zone in real life. If you are happy from within, it will reflect in your reel life also. Lights, camera and happiness, that’s what I think,” she said.
In fact, she thinks that a happy person can deliver the best.  “When you are happy, you’ll like everything. If I am happy from within, actors who are performing with me will automatically react happily because they are seeing me happy. If I throw tantrums or feel sad, it will reflect on people who are with me,” she said.
Producers Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli are known for their work in the comedy space.  “Yes, Binaiferr ma’am and Sanjay sir are best in their beat. Whatever shows they’ve done, I remember them on my fingertips because we’ve followed those shows. Our hemoglobin has increased, iron deficiency has gone away because when a person is happy their HB level increases. So there is no iron deficiency left and when that is not there, a person stays happy. No one can make comedy shows like Binaiferr ma’am and Sanjay sir,” she said.
“Whether it’s FIR, Jijaji Chatt Par Hai, Jijaji Chatt Par Koii haii, Bhabi ji… or Happu… their shows have been a hit. Whatever shows they make, run for years. They know the ingredients that should be put in a show. They are laughter chefs who have the perfect recipe. I am glad, happy, honoured and really thankful to them for giving me this opportunity. I am very thankful to viewers and fans who are watching our shows and me in the shows,” she added.