Choose your friends well, say celebs this National Make a Friend Day

National Make a Friend Day is here and celebrities talk about making friends, at this age!

Priya Paramita Paul
I think making friends is not very easy but it’s not the same for everyone. There are many people who become friends very easily and are very interactive. But, for me, it’s difficult because I am an introverted person and getting along with people takes time. I am mostly focused on my work, ambition and career and sometimes I feel that having a lot of friends can be destructive. I say this because I have to meet them, greet them, talk to them and it becomes overwhelming and time consuming as well. I love to be myself and have few friends, who are continuously progressing in their lives and understand me. Talking about cities like Mumbai, the possibility of becoming friends is more at work because we spend a lot of time at our work and interact and so some people become special to us. In the industry we have so many people who share their personal space with an entirely different set of friends. Even I have friends from many sectors. I have friends who are life coaches, some are from the corporates, and few childhood friends so it varies from person to person.

Mitaali Nag
They say you don’t get to choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Friends are the ones who accept you the way you are. I am one of those who has a limited close circle. There are friends in life and then there are friends for life, I believe in the latter. So, the friends I have are for life. I am in a profession where I am required to spend at least 12 hours every day on the set with the cast and crew. It’s very obvious that we easily make work friends. But I firmly believe that you can’t make friends after a certain age. Then it’s just acquaintances. I am the kind who takes time to open up and hence I take time to make friends. So, I have made only one friend or two friends for life from every show that I have worked in. We may not be in touch everyday but we speak to each other often and whenever we do it’s always genuine and no pretence.

Hitanshu Jinsi
We are all social animals. We need people in our lives. It is very important for the sanity of the mind. It is not necessary to have a lot of friends. Quality over quantity is what I suggest one should choose. Making good friends can totally change you in a good way while you might get spoiled by making some bad friends. So choose wisely. I can be friends with anyone very quickly depending on the vibrations of that person.

Hansa Singh
In today’s scenario we might have acquired friends whom we think of as friends. It takes time for me to call someone a friend as I still have a conservative look at it. In today’s fast-paced life, all are friends but not in need, therefore having a true friend today is a rarity.

Sudhanshu Pandey
Friendship is something that happens organically and I don’t think you can force yourself to make a friend. Having said that, it is very important to have close friends in life with whom you can have a heart to heart conversation and can be your moral support in times of need. A true friend is the one who inspires you and encourages you and just be there with you. We do have very hectic lifestyles. I do have friends but unfortunately I do not have enough time to spend with them on a regular basis. Anybody who doesn’t have any friends at all might get very lonely. It’ s a good thing to encourage people to have friends but it happens only when you let it happen organically.

Esha Gaur
You should definitely have friends but real friends. Friend is someone who gives you the right advice when you do something wrong. They should always be there with you in your good and bad times and guide you on all the aspects of life wherever you are going wrong. You can make work friends with whom your wavelength matches but it is not necessary that they can become your true friends, they can be temporary friends. You should choose the right ones that never take you in the wrong direction. Those who have true friends, they are really blessed and so am I. I am really blessed with few friends in my life who have always stood by me in thick and thin. I feel more than a life partner, a true true friend plays an important part in your life.

Charrul Malik
Making friends nowadays is not easy because you don’t click with each and everyone on a daily basis but I think it is not important to make a friend in the spur of the moment, you should have that feeling of connection and then only you should go ahead and make a friend. Each one of us is very busy nowadays and while working we do make friends at our workplace. Today the trust factor matters a lot and it lacks somewhere these days and when someone tries to become friends with you, it seems doubtful. This thought definitely strikes your mind. Making new friends is good but you should not get into quick friendships.