Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii 6 January 2022 Spoiler-  Will Deepika inform the management about Vikrant’s addiction? 

Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot’s “Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii” recently saw Dr. Deepika Sinha finding out about Dr. Vikrant Saxena’s addiction. She takes him to his home and asks him since when he has been doing it. Vikrant tells her that it started the day she left him.

Deepika asks him how he is managing to do the surgeries, when being a doctor he knows that it’s a big risk. He tells her that he was fine but when she rejected his love for the second time, he couldn’t stop himself. Deepika asks him to not put the blame on her for his addiction.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ali tells the junior residents that Deepika and Vikrant are on leave and he will conduct a test for them which will decide who the proxy leader will be.

Later, Deepika calls Vikrant’s sister and tells her about his addiction. To her surprise, she was aware of it and blamed Deepika for his condition. In fact, she tells Deepika that she must have come running back to Vikrant after knowing he has become a successful surgeon. She asks her to stay away from Vikrant. Deepika leaves from there and goes back to the hospital. Vikrant asks her if she will report him to the management.

Once she reaches the hospital, Dr. Chakraborty informs her that they have installed CCTV cameras in the medicine cupboards so that they know who is stealing the opioid. Later, Deepika gets a call from Vikrant’s sister asking her to come to his home and help him.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Deepika is shocked to see Vikrant at the hospital and tells him that she will not let him risk the life of patients. Vikrant goes back home with his sister but is not in control, and they hit a tree. Will they survive the accident? To know what happens next keep watching “Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii”.

“Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii”, produced by Invictus T Mediaworks and Studio Next, features Additi Gupta, Rohit Purohit, Nishant Singh, Alma Hussein, Benaf Dadachandji, Raghav Dhir, Ashwin Mushran, Vidyut Xavier, and Kaushik Chakravorty, to name a few. The show airs Monday to Friday at 10 p.m. on Sony Entertainment Television.