Dheere Dheere Se 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Dheere Dheere Se 2nd February 2023 Written Update, Bhawana goes inside after seeing Raghav. Raghav says himself if Bhawana showed this attitude to her brother in law’s then she would have ruled the house. He then says Bhawana’s attitude doesn’t upset him then goes inside. Aanchal asks Bhawana to change her clothes because sangeet practice is going to start in few minutes.

Bhawana tells her she has work to do after completing it she will participate in it. She then questions Aanchal about the guy she met outside. Aanchal tells her that he was his classmate who comes to give her notes. Bhawana advices Aanchal to not to meet that guy at this time because people may talk bad. Aanchal gets annoyed and tells her not to get scared because he isn’t her boyfriend. Bhawana scolds Aanchal. She then asks Aanchal is she is gets afraid of everything?

Aanchal scares her and laughs saying Bhawana’s reaction is her answer. Bhawana gets upset. Aanchal asks Bhawana why she is keeps on saying she isn’t scared of anyone since morning? Is anyone said anything to her? Bhawana remains silent. Aanchal tells Bhawana whoever told her this not to lose that person’s friendship because he/she is her true friend. Bhawana tells she don’t think she can keep an friendship with that person. Aanchal tells a story of Dhraupati’s friendship and says if it can happen then they can also have friendship with men. Bhawana looks on confused and worried.

Malini tells the ritual is over so asks Aarushi to start playing the music. Aarushi obliges. The ladies around there all starts dancing. Aanchal and Poonam also joins them. Aanchal calls out Bhawana to join them. Bhawana arrives there. Malini and Vidya sees it. Vidya deliberately makes the water tray fall to the ground when Bhawana is about to join them. Bhawana goes to clean it. Aanchal watches this and gets upset. Bhawana then once again tries to join the dance practice but gets stopped by Malini who pretends to cough. Bhawana brings water for her. Malini notices once again Bhawana is going to join the ladies who are dancing so she stops her and asks her to buy snacks for their guests and reminds her about the pending works. Bhawana gets sad and upset and decides to leave.

Abhishek arrives there. He gets upset seeing the women in their house’s dance practice also watches the dance practice video’s of Meera which is sent by the latter. He thinks if this is house they performs then he will surely lose the challenge against Meera and the only one person who can save him from this is Bhawana. He stops Bhawana and says his friends will take care of the snacks for the guests and tells her the importance of him to win the sangeet dance so asks Bhawana to save him. Vidya scolds Abhishek but the latter shuts her up saying he understands what they are trying to do.

Bhawana smiles and says to Abhishek that she can’t save him because she sure may have danced before but now she forget it. Abhishek refuses to believe it. He then reminds Bhawana and everyone about Bhawana’s dance two years back and encourages Bhawana to dance and pushes her to the centre. Bhawana does one dance move then notices Malini Vidya and the other guests are looking at her indifferently so she goes inside silently. Abhishek and Aanchal gets upset and the other women once again resumes their dance practice.

Abhishek says if this is how they are going to dance then he is sure about him won’t win the challenge. Aarushi assures him they will win the challenge. Abhishek gets angry so scolds her and says Bhawana can only able to save him though. He then goes and sits near the chair and tells the women to continue doing these dance moves which is like animals from Zoo gathering in a place and he won’t be part of the dance performance of his sangeet because he is sure they will lose it.

Malini scolds him and says they sure will win. Abhishek insults their dance moves and remains stubborn in his decision to make Bhawana practice with everyone. Malini gets irked but gives into Abhishek’s request. She then takes Vidya inside and convinces her to let Bhawana be part of the practice. Meanwhile Aarav asks Raghav his binoculars. After getting it he tells him he is going to watch dance performance then runs away. Raghav gets confused but follows Aarav to find what he is talking about.

Here Malini acts and says to Bhawana that they have to follow the society norms or else they will become victim of their gossips that’s why she stopped her from being part of this dance practice but now they will send the other women outside and do practice and takes Bhawana with her. Raghav takes the binoculars from Aarav’s hand and gets mesmerized seeing Bhawana’s dance moves. He also moves along like her. Vidya tries to harm Bhawana when the latter helps them how to dance. Raghav gets worried that Bhawana may get hurt but Bhawana notices the nails near her on the ground so puts it aside. Raghav gets relieved. Brij Mohan arrives there to discuss about Bakshi’s case with Raghav but gets shocked seeing something the other side.

Precap: Bhanu sees Raghav is going for jogging alone so he sends the message to his partner to attack Raghav. Goons goes near Raghav in their motorcycle who is busy stretching himself on the road.