Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd February 2023 Written Update, Sai meeting an advocate and discuss about the matter regarding Vinayak’s custody. She notify him about the whole truth and proclaims that Virat and Pakhi is trying to separate her from her own son. The advocate hears her carefully and then ask some questions regarding the relationship in between Pakhi and Vinayak. He also questions that if Virat knew about Vinayak being his own son, when he adopted him? To which Sai denies and says that recently only they discovered the truth about their son’s identity. The advocate tells Sai that they can’t file a case against Chavans in that basis.

Here, the advocate makes Sai understand that the court will give judgement in favor of Pakhi and Virat as they have already adopted Vinayak and the latter is also close to them. Sai gets shocked by his decision and states that she can’t let her son go away from her. She becomes anxious and proclaims that she needs the custody of Vinayak anyhow.

Sai request the lawyer to help her and proclaims that she can’t let Virat separate her from her own son. She cries being helpless and them narrates the lawyer about Pakhi’s ill-deeds. She says that the latter did a lot of crimes and even went to jail but Chavans took back the case and she gets released from there.

Elsewhere, the advocate stops Sai and ask him to brief about the matter in which Pakhi went to the jail. Sai tells him about the truth and proclaims that there are several things which Pakhi have done illegally. She states that she can tell everything to the judge, if it can help her to get Vinayak’s custody.

The lawyer says that they can file the case for the custody on the basis of Pakhi’s ill deeds. He agrees to help Sai while the latter gets elated. Meanwhile, Pakhi looks after Vinayak while he ask her to continue the story which she told him in the hotel room. She narrates him that how the witch tries to take away the prince but the queen protected her child and saved him.

Ahead, Bhavani cooks special food for Vinayak while Ashwini and Sonali teases her for coming inside the kitchen. The latter decides to give all the love to Vinayak while at that time Pakhi also comes there. Bhavani gets furious after seeing her and rebukes that she tried to take away Vinayak from them. She reminds that she always supported her but the latter never thought about her pain while she eloped with Vinayak.

Bhavani ask Pakhi to go away from her sight while the latter gets hurt and goes away. Meanwhile, Virat gets restless thinking about Sai. He recalls his moments with her and feels bad for her state. At that time Pakhi comes there and ask him to keep Sai away from Vinayak. She gets possessive regarding Vinayak while Virat tries to calm him down. At that time Sai calls Vinayak while Pakhi says that the latter won’t leave her son easily.

Further, Sai goes to pick Savi and tries to find Vinayak but couldn’t able to see him. She ask the latter about him, to which she replies that he didn’t came to school. Vinayak enjoys his time with the family while at that time Virat receives a courier and gets shocked after reading it. He sends Vinayak away from there while Ninad reveals that Sai has filed a case against them for Vinayak’s custody while everyone gets dumbstruck.

Precap:- Virat sees a lady running away from him. He thinks her to be Pakhi and shouts at her to stop. She runs away while he follows her. He sees Vinayak also joining her and then Savi also holds her hand and runs with her. Virat gets confused and ask her to stop asking that where she is taking Vinayak and Savi? She turns towards him and is revealed to be Sai. She smiles at him and ask to join them while he gets elated and holds her hand. Meanwhile, it all turns out to be his dream as he wakes up with a smile. He takes Sai’s name while Pakhi hears him and gets furious.

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