Dr. Neelam (Kaajal) reads tarot cards of Sharad Malhotra!

Good fortune and luck are in store for actor Sharad Malhotra according to Tarot card reader and life coach Dr. Neelam (Kaajal).
Sharad Malhotra: You are very well aware of your creative power within you and delivering the work you pick up. There is an indication that there is a need for a mentor or emotional anchor who will help you in reaching your fullest potential. It is the perfect time for optimists and to make some major decisions, and some unexpected influences could help you in making the perfect decisions. It’s a good time for conception and birth. If you are going in for a child, the universe is eagerly waiting to give you a bundle of joy. You could feel that though all is well, there are some happenings that are out of control. Relax and go with the flow. Accept the change that is coming your way. Slow and steady, you will reap your rewards. Fate, destiny and synchronicity need some emotional recharge. It is very important for you to have a perfect balance to let your desires take shape in your physical reality. Stick to people whom you feel for be it personal or professional life. Good fortune is evident in the cards.