Faltu 14th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 14th March 2023 Written Update, Ayaan asking his man to viral her video and check details on Faltu using her coach Rajan. He asks him to get it by evening. Janardhan catches his talks and confronts him for lying downstairs. He says that they are doing so much for him but he’s ruining all the efforts. Ayaan gives the benefit of doubt to Faltu but Janardhan is ready to trust her. He reminds him that Tanisha is his wife by all means and asks him to accept the fact. He asks him to forget about Faltu and move on with his life.
Before leaving he asks him not to ruin his own life. He opens the door to find Tanisha standing outside. She asks what’s wrong and if Ayaan did something. Janardhan says he was just talking about taking care of business and making himself responsible. Tanisha comes in and confronts Ayaan if he was talking about business or Faltu but Ayaan doesn’t answer him.

Faltu speaks with her friend to trap Vishal at any cost. Her friend says that her video has gone viral and there’s much demand for tickets for her matches. Faltu says she’ll speak with coach Ranjan later and asks him to concentrate on Vishal. Tanisha complains to her mother about Janardhan and Ayaan’s conversation and is scared that Faltu would be at the back of them. Kanika says that she already suspected that Faltu followed her. Tanisha is scared that Faltu will find the truth that it was them who were behind all the chaos. However Kanika says that Faltu can’t find them .

Ayaan asks Rocky where are you going? Dadi says his friend’s dad is in hospital so he is going. Ayaan says let me go with you and help you. Rocky worries and says I will handle it. Here, Kanika tells Tanisha how she used the official account of Ayaan to pay Vishal so when Faltu finds more about it she will find this and then Vishal will also take Ayaan’s name so only his name will come out not ours. Tanisha says but you said Vishal is not in control. Kanika says he loves money and for that he will do anything, so this will just increase the distance between Faltu and Ayaan and it will save us too so don’t worry.

Here, Rocky says the name of the hospital as Treatment hospital so Ayaan says I know the manager so I will talk to him. Ayaan forces so Rocky is unable to say no to him. They sit in the car when Rocky doesn’t wear seat belt so Ayaan makes him wear the seat belt. Rocky thinks control Faltu. Ayaan says I feel you don’t want me to go there. Rocky says yes because my friend’s dad is very greedy and will start asking you money seeing you are rich so I don’t want that. Ayaan says I understand that you don’t want help from me.

Ayaan says I have understood in life that someone who doesn’t want to take help from you will never let me take help from me and no matter what I do they won’t come infront of me. Rocky thinks sorry I can’t come infront of you I need to prove myself. Ayaan drops Rocky infront of the hospital. Ayaan asks are you sure you don’t want my help? Rocky says yes you can go to your work. Ayaan leaves. Rocky sees Ayaan go and then he takes an auto to the actual hospital. Rocky comes and asks his friend if Vishal woke up? Friend says no. Rocky says some plan will be made as we need to know about things. Suddenly they hear nurses talk about going off duty as Vishal is not an actual patient so it doesn’t matter. They leave. Here, PI tells Ayaan that he got no leads as she didn’t talk much or shared to anyone and I have tried to talk to Rajan. Ayaan says just find out more, she should never know I sent you to her as I want to help her without her knowledge and I want her to get admission in academy as i promised to her dad. Here, Vishal calls out for the nurses when no one comes he gets angry. Rocky and his friend come as nurses. Vishal looks on.

Precap – Vishal is drunk and says how Faltu played well but I ruined her career. Rocky records this all.