Faltu 17th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 17th March 2023 Written Update, Ajit saying I am sorry I couldn’t say who I am really. Ayaan says the day we met via Faltu in mandir and till today a lot of challenges came for Faltu, one of the coaches put wrong allegations on her which made her career go away. Ayaan asks Ajit what he knows about Faltu. Ajit says Faltu came to me in a wedding outfit with sindoor in her maang. Ajit says she never said who is the husband but she was possessive about sindoor and used to fill her maang everyday, but how do you know Faltu? Ayaan says I have only made Faltu see the dream of her career to become a cricketer but i couldn’t protect her dream. Ajit says I wonder who is the husband. Ayaan says whoever it is he is unlucky that he couldn’t even say how much he loves her. Rocky is seeing them from far and is unable to hear anything. Rocky thinks now what are they planning. Ayaan goes from there and so does Ajit. Rocky thinks I need to find more on Vishal. Savita comes and asks Rocky to keep vegetables inside the fridge. Rocky goes. Rocky thinks about what Vishal said. Rocky thinks I always thought good about Ayaan and I am shocked he did this, did Ayaan really do this. Rocky gets emotional.

Ayaan is angry and upset in his room. Ayaan thinks I couldn’t protect you Faltu, even when you think so highly of me and you wear sindoor for me I always took you wrong and couldn’t give you the same waitage. Ayaan says I will be with you no matter what, I will help you and stand by you Faltu. Ayaan says I got late in realising my feelings for you Faltu, I love you Faltu. Ayaan gets a call from the PI. PI says Vishal has returned home today with all his luggage. Ayaan says I am coming, great news.

Ayaan starts to leave, when Rocky collides with him and he goes being upset. Ayaan wonders what might have happened. Mishra ji comes and gives Ayaan the transactions file. Ayaan says thanks I will see this later. Ayaan gives the file to Rocky to give this to Tanisha. Ayaan goes when Rocky tries to peep into the file. Tanisha comes and takes the file. Rocky says I wanted to give you this file. Tanisha goes. Tanisha informs Kanika that I got the file and I am keeping it safely. Kanika says don’t let Ayaan see this till the time we don’t want it. Tanisha keeps the file inside cupboard. Rocky sees it and thinks I have seen the proof the transaction sheet which says Vishal was right but did Ayaan really do this? Here, Kanika scolds Vishal for returning home. Vishal says I thought it would help me freshen up my mind. Kanika says you and your stupidity will never end, Faltu must be keeping an eye at your home you couldn’t think this? Vishal says no I couldn’t sorry, I don’t want Faltu to release that video please do something. Kanika asks two bouncers to find where Faltu is and bring her to her. Kanika also arranges an escape for Vishal and says Faltu will not release the video as you have said about Ayaan too and as far as I know Faltu, she will not expose Ayaan like this. Vishal says what if Faltu goes to meet Ayaan? Kanika says I will handle this.

Ayaan meets the PI and he says Vishal is again gone but good news is Rajan shared Faltu’s friends’ numbers so I am in contact with them. Ayaan says we need to find Vishal, it’s high time and good job on the friends part. At night, Rocky tries to feed everyone food early. Kinshuk praises Tanisha’s plan of going to farmhouse. Ayaan comes for dinner being upset when Tanisha says I have planned something romantic for us in the farmhouse. Sid gets upset. Ayaan notices Rocky upset but Rocky doesn’t react much to that comment. Rocky thinks I am in between so many confusions I don’t know whom to believe and whom not to. What should I do? I need to meet the academy girls tonight. After dinner, Rocky turns into Faltu to meet the girls. Faltu thinks I can’t risk exposing the truth of Rocky to all so I will go as Faltu as everyone here must be asleep. Sid is drinking sitting in the balcony. Sumitra comes and tries to stop him. Sid is upset thinking about Tanisha and Ayaan. Sid says I don’t know how to stop it, I don’t know where is Faltu hiding, if she would have been here I would have created a big rift between Ayaan and Tanisha. Sid breaks the glass and gets hurt. Sumitra goes to get cotton. Sid sees from his balcony a girl in Rocky’s balcony.

Precap – Ayaan tries to chase down Faltu’s two friends. They inform Faltu how Ayaan was worried for her. Ayaan creates a cricket page for Faltu to get her fame.