Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan written update 17 April 2022 weekly

We saw that Pakhi runs from the airport. Mohit takes Pakhi from there. Mohit gets shocked to see him. Ishan says that he will tell him later. Virat comes there and asks her if she is happy that she knows his truth. Pakhi apologizes to him and says that she should trust him. Yug asks Agastya if he finds them everywhere but he couldn’t find them. Agastya gets angry and asks Yug if he should kill him that day. Ishan calls Agastya and said that he knows that he will come to his house. He asks him to admit that he is smarter than him. Ishan says that Pakhi is with him. Pakhi falls and saw her wounds. She takes the bottle and hits herself. Mohit lies to them that maybe her phone battery is dead. Agastya comes there. Dadi asks where is Pakhi. Agastya told them that Ishan kidnapped Pakhi. Virat says that their plan is successfully executed. The media ask questions to Agastya. Pakhi is watching Agastya’s video. Agastya says that he wants to confess something. Agastya says that he did this and thinks about Pakhi. Pakhi says that Agastya is going to confess and now everyone will get justice. He is about to say but he feels weird and Faints.

Later, Mohit gets a call from an unknown number and thinks that maybe Pakhi is calling him. Pakhi asks what happened with Agastya. Pakhi asks Mohit to keep an eye on Agastya as he is so clever. Pakhi is tense and thinks maybe Agastya is planning something. Pakhi is worried and says that she knows Agastya can do anything. Pakhi says if Agatsya knows about this place. Ishan says that she is thinking too much. Pakhi sees the news where Ishan says that he told her that Agastya was stressed out. Pakhi asks them to leave this place for safety. Virat says that they should go outside and ask him if they are fools. Virat asks Pakhi not to forget what he did to her family members. Virat says that they will get nothing if they didn’t do this. Agastya shouts for them. Virat asks Pakhi if he insulted her love. Agastya tries to open the gate. He shouts that he finds them and asks them to come out. Virat says that they have to do this, and Pakhi says that she can’t stoop so low. She says that he hates him and she will do something.

Later, Sameer told everyone that Agastya is dangerous for Pakhi. Sameer says that she can stop him but she gave him strength. Sameer is going to confess but Dadi asks him to stop. Sameer asks her if she can forgive that person if he did it with him. Ishan asks Agastya that he snatches everything from them. He didn’t have fear of anything. Agastya sees Pakhi. Pakhi asks him to help her. Pakhi comes outside and shouts Agastya. He asks if she is fine. Pakhi says that he is dangerous. She slaps him and said that everything is planned. Agastya gets shocked. Pakhi says that his betrayal gives her strength. she will punish him. Pakhi says that he betrayed her and says what he got after stalking her. Pakhi says that she called him best friend but he tries to control her life. Pakhi says how could he live after doing all this. Agastya asks her to listen to him once. Pakhi says that it is not love. Agastya asks him that he did everything to bring her into his life. Agastya says that he will die if she will not stay in his life. Agastya asks her to understand.

After all this, The Police come there but Yug throws a smoke bomb. Agastya takes Pakhi from there. Samir and everyone get up and find Pakhi. He asked Dadi if anything happen to Pakhi then he will send them to prison. Agastya locks Pakhi in the room. A woman comes inside Pakhi’s room and offers food to her.

Later, Pakhi asks Agastya to let her leave. Agastya told her that he loves her for sixteen years. He told everything to her that no one loves him because of his burning skin but she loves him. Pakhi gets shocked and comes to know why he is so obsessed with her.

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