Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 17 April 2022 weekly

Last week, we saw Chitra distracting Aarav so he could not see Simar. Then Aarav said now we should search for Simar. Chitra lied that she saw her near the hotel. Aarav asked why she didn’t bring Simar along with her. Chitra said she tried to reach her but there were a lot of crowds so she couldn’t meet her. Aarav said it won’t be good to return without Darshan. Chitra says it’s fine to go and get her back we all together will do the Darshan. After he left Chitra thought he won’t get Simar alive again.

Sandy called Reema. She told him that she will be a little late. Sandy told her not to inform anyone about our meeting. Reema said she can’t hide anything from her husband. Sandy says there are many boundaries so she can acknowledge him later. He told her not to wear her mangalsutra. Later she gets ready and opens her mangalsutra. She thought of wearing it after coming. She called Roma and requested her to lie Vivan that she is with her if he calls her. Roma was at the hospital for her sonography

Doctors came to check how much Gajander remember about her past. Gajander was aware of everything very clearly. The doctor asked him what’s his plan regarding business. Suddenly Gajander feels uneasy and feels a headache. The doctor came outside along with Gitanjali Devi. He told her that he remembers everything but keep him away from business tension. Vivan said he will handle everything and not let him worry about anything. Gitanjali Devi tells Aarav that she believes him. Vivan called Reema regarding some office work. Reema said she will give back the papers after returning.

Reema was trying her outfits and she stole a cheque to get this music video. She was about to put a stamp on it but Vivan came inside the room. Simar get’s her consciousness back. Samar insists her eat something. Simar says she is fine. Samar manipulates her against Aarav. Simar says it was all a misunderstanding. Samar was telling Simar to control her emotions and he is not here. Simar told him not to stretch this topic anymore. Samar says that’s why we are suffering. Simar said she need to find him.

Gitanjali’s Devi came back and saw the arrangements were not complete. She called Sandhya and asked about Reema. Sandhya said she will be back soon. Vivan came to wake Reema and said Gitanjaali Devi is asking for her. Reema immediately woke and rushed to do the arrangements. Aarav and Simar’s towels get exchanged. Later Aarav spotted Samar. He asked if Simar is with him. Samar asked why he wants to meet her as his family has danger from her. Aarav said he know about his mistake and he is here to apologize. Samar told him to find her on his own.

Chitra threw some marble balls on the floor. Simar slipped and fell down from the cliff. Aarav screams her name. Sandhya was getting a bad feeling. She prays to God for the wellness of the family. Samar was telling everyone to ready the setup as soon as possible. Yamini told him to clam down everything will be done smoothly. She asked Samar about Simar. He told her to find her as he don’t know about her. Aarav went to save Simar. She was telling him not to risk his life. Aarav says he can’t live without her. Simar says she is about to fall. Aarav told her to have a strong grip don’t leave it. A red cloth came flying over there. Aarav used that cloth to pull Simar. He told her to catch this chunri as it’s god’s blessing. After a little struggle, Aarav pulled Simar upward. Aarav says God can’t part them.

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Sasural Simar Ka 2”.

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