Simaran Kaur on managing her time: I have a great support system

It is her family at home and work-family on the set which helps actress Simran Kaur get things done on time. “I agree it is very difficult to manage time effectively with such hectic shooting schedules, social media posts, workouts and events. However, I have a great support system on the set and at home, my team on shoot and my family which help me get things done on time,” she says.

While she agrees that finding time for oneself is tough, it’s all part of that chase for your dream, she says. “I think celebs have a bizarre schedule as a lot of people need to be available for a shoot, event or media interactions and hence time management becomes even more difficult. People also often complain about the shortage of time but I think when you are chasing your dreams, you take that in your stride,” she adds.

Social media has also made life more hectic, says Simaran. “I agree that because of social media commitments, even the holidays are spent working. But I love posting for my fans and really enjoy making Insta reels, so even though it is not a holiday, I end up feeling energized,” she says.

Talking about how she effectively manages her time, the actress adds, “First, I meditate for 30 minutes every day in the morning as it improves my focus. I plan in advance as to how to utilize my time, away from shoot. Second, I try to utilize as much time as possible, I read my dialogues while I am in the car. In between shots I work on my dialogue delivery and while having dinner I analyse my performance in every episode and try to improve myself.”