Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Ishaan telling Navya and her companion that he will drop them off at the emergency clinic.

Afterward, Navya and her companions leave the vehicle in a rush and fail to remember her versatile in the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Savi is disheartened to see Ninad still quiet and reminds him different things he has shared with her while growing up.

Vinayak lets Savi know that it is an exercise in futility to do this and there is no expectation for Ninad now.

In any case, Savi won’t surrender and lets Vinayak know that she won’t allow anything to happen to Ninad.

Inevitably, Navya carries the harmonium to Savi which restores Savi’s spirits once more and she thinks about something else that will help Ninad.

Somewhere else, Isha asks Shantanu how Reeva landed the position when he didn’t give her great imprints.

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