Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Grandma whining to Sanjay about Kajal while Sanjay lets him know that he will deal with Kajal however she should control Rohit who is favoring ABhira.

Grandma guarantees him that Abhira won’t show up for a really long time and they won’t allow Armaan to rehash Madhav’s mix-up.

Grandma lets Sanjay know that she won’t allow ABhira to remain in that frame of mind for a really long time and will boot her out soon.

In the mean time, Armaan advises Abhira to feel great in the room and inquires as to whether she really wants anything.

Abhira let be feels choked to not have Akshara in her life and asks Akshara to return.

Somewhere else, Ruhi is attempting to deal with Armaan’s new disloyalty when Armaan comes there and apologizes to her.

In the mean time, Ruhi inquires as to whether Abhira was the young lady who got her telephone that day.

Meanwhile, Rohit converses with Manish and whines playfully that his worth has decreased in the house since his union with Ruhi.

Meanwhile, Rohit sees Abhira alone and asks her for what reason she is distant from everyone else and where is Armaan.

Manish is stunned to hear Rohit call somebody Bhabhi and perceives Abhira’s voice.
Inevitably, Ruhi faces Armaan about Abhira and lets him know that Abhira is his better half now whom he denied having any relationship with.

Ruhi lets Armaan know that she doesn’t know whether he has truly come clean about Akshara.

In any case, Armaan tells her that he isn’t a particularly modest individual to lie about somebody’s passing.

Ruhi lets him know that his activity expresses stronger than words and that he probably lied about Abhira a day or two ago, and that she isn’t his sweetheart.

Armaan tells her that he had no real option except to wed Abhira however Ruhi will not trust him and calls him a liar.

Then again, Krish and Kiara are bantering about Abhira and that they won’t acknowledge her.

All of a sudden Rohit and Abhira come there and Rohit chides them for discussing Abhira and advises them that she is their sister by marriage.

Abhira leaves there feeling alone and reviews every one of the brutal words that are designated at her.

Then again, Ruhi excuses Armaan saying she would rather not hear any reason from him.

All of a sudden Abhira comes there and Ruhi and Armaan get perplexed on the off chance that Abhira has heard it however she is in her zone.

Rohit additionally comes there with hot cocoa and tells Ruhi that Manish has called.

Somewhere else, Vidhya feels overpowered and looks for her medication while Madhav tells Manoj that Grandma won’t rest until she tosses Abhira out of the house.

In the mean time, Manisha lets Vidhya know that assuming Rohit had done likewise she would have acknowledged his lady since he is her child yet not Armaan.

Afterward, Abhira comes to the kitchen pondering Akshara while Ruhi hits the sack feeling anxious.

Armaan likewise comes to the Kitchen and sits with his back on the counter without realizing that Abhira is on the opposite side.