Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Bhosale family keeps on playing a game. Durva turns a container and it stops at Ishaan. Chinmay says he will address Ishaan and asks who is his number one individual on the planet. Ishaan says Savi. Savi lets Shukla know that the Pune city gave her a ton, a family with Shukla and Sandhya, she will always remember them, she will be moving to another city, her café similarly has a place with them and they will run it from hereon. Sandhya says she will miss her. Savi embraces them both. Shukla asks her show him what she blends in tea. Savi video calls Vaiju and requests that she send her tea recipe to Shukla. Vaiju says she, at the end of the day, is coming there with her recipe. Savi inquires as to why her eyes seem as though she didn’t rest entire evening, did she fall head over heels once more. Vaiju says for her, adoration resembles running behind her companion Saleem’s hen which can’t be gotten by any stretch of the imagination. Savi gives her moral gyaan with respect to cherish and comforts Vaiju. When Vaiju detaches call, Harini says she is offering guidance on adoration for somebody, for what reason don’t she personally follow it. She says she previously told that she would rather not discuss it.

Durva inquires as to whether Savi is his #1. Surekha says Ishaan needed to lie, he crushed Durva in her own game, she is hisfavorite individual in the entire world. Durva says Reeva will have her spot soon. Surekha says she joyfully will give her situation to Reeva and acclaims Ishaan for keeping the family joined by forfeiting his own bliss. She cheerfully embraces him. Entire family then sings and moves on Ek Dusre se Karte Hain Pyaar Murmur.. melody. Surekha implores god to shield her family from hostile stares. Patil with his group of Kiran and Mandar arrives at outside Bhosale foundation. Patil says they need to slaughter and gives them weapons. Mandar says he used to play with weapons in Ramtek. Kiran says he is a specialist and realizes how machine parts work. Patil says the will annihilate entire Bhosale establishment. A laborer confounds them as works and requests that they return to work. They lift encloses and get to found.

Following day, Ishaan prepares as a husband to be. YRB says his child is looking an attractive Marathi groom. Surekha plays out his aarti and favors him to be consistently content with Reeva. Ishaan contacts Nishi’s feet. Nishi says how about we go to get the lady of the hour. Savi looks for favors from god and her folks prior to going for test and afterward contacts Harini’s feet and takes her endowments. Harini gives her lobby ticket and favors her to get great imprints in test. Savi passes on to meet Shukla and others prior to going to test. Harini implores god to safeguard Savi and thinks she neglected to take care of sweet curd to Savi. Durva prepares Reeva as a lady and says she is looking extremely lovely, Ishaan will be entranced. Swati sees her next and plays out her nazar. Reeva drops sindhoor bottle on wedding card accidentally and flies off the handle. Swati asks her not to stress as it’s simply a card and takes her to clean up.

Ishaan embraces Chinmay and says he realizes Chinmay is there for him generally. Chinmay says in the event that he believes him, he shouldn’t forfeit his life like this. Ishaan says it’s past the point of no return now. Surekha requests that Ishaan get into vehicle. Ishaan gets into vehicle. Nishi says Ishaan is excessively anxious to wed Reeva. Ishaan sits in vehicle and requests that artists play Mujhse Shadi Karogi.. tune. Reeva calls Ishaan on the off chance that he everything would be okay. Ishaan says he is now in vehicle, there will not be anything off-base this time. Durva tests Reeva’s sanity and says Ishaan would be anxious to see her. Anvi looks agitated and calls Shantanu. Surekha takes her telephone and requests that she join baraat. Anvi trusts Shantanu and Ishaan arrive at here and stop Ishaan’s wedding. Isha flies off the handle when she doesn’t get air terminal freedom. Shantanu requests that she unwind and attempt to call Ishaan and stop the wedding.

Shukla gifts a pen to Savi and wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer. Savi strolls into the school and flies off the handle seeing Ishaan and Reeva’s wedding patterns. She hears understudies commending Ishaan and Reeva’s jodi. She sees a live wire and believes it’s a light association. Patil’s assistant calls him and says he has changed over entire Bhosale organization into a live bomb. Ishaan’s baraat comes to with family moving before the vehicle. Nishi hauls Ishaan to go along with them. Savi lashes out seeing Ishaan moving. Do Buddy Ruka Khwabon Ka Karwaan.. tune plays behind the scenes. Savi sees Ishaan. Ishaan sees Savi and grins envisioning her as a lady grinning at him. Nishi removes him.

Chinmay thinks why haven’t Ishaan’s folks reached at this point to stop him. Shantanu and Ishaan head towards wedding scene in a call and attempt to contact Anvi. Anvi thinks Surekha kept her telephone in a vehicle, she really wants to take it and Shantanu. Surekha stops her and requests that she proceed to go to Shikha and let her bring her telephone. She looks for telephone, finds it ringing, and is stunned to see Shantanu’s call.

Precap: Harini knocks on Patil’s associate Kiran and recognizes him. Surekha advises YRB that his sibling is arriving at stop the wedding, she won’t allow anybody to stop Ishaan and Reeva’s wedding.

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