Yeh Hain Chahatein 12th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Kamal attempts to give infusion to Arjun. Arjun liberates his hand and hits Kamal and harms him with the glass reflect piece. The thugs assault Arjun. Arjun beats him and gets Kamal. Aditya comes inside the bar and inquires as to whether they saw her, showing Kashvi’s pic. He then goes to server and shows Kashvi’s pic. He says he saw here going there. He moves the drape and sees Kashvi having food with a woman. He asks Kashvi what is he doing here, in the bar when she said that she will go to her companion’s home. Kashvi says I’m with my companion Prerna and tells her that he is her better half Aditya. Aditya says hey. He asks what you are doing here? Kashvi tells about their cherished, lifelong recollections and tells that they used to eat in Disc shop, yet bar is opened here, so they remembered to have food here. She says Prerna has water issue in her home and that is the reason we came. Aditya says this spot isn’t correct, on the off chance that anybody prods you. Kashvi says I’m affable assistance official, and no one will set out to prod me. Aditya supposes in the event that I will trust her. Kashvi thinks it is great that she tracked down this woman and took her assistance. She reviews and a fb is shown, The woman tells that she is Dilruba’s companion and won’t let her have her spot. Kashvi tells her that she has come here to get the racket who takes just conceived babies, and requests that she help her. The woman concurs. fb closes. Kashvi inquires as to whether he was following her? Aditya says OK and says he got a tip that unlawful work is happening here. Kashvi says no, Adi and requests that he go. Aditya says bye and goes to go. He figures the reason why Kashvi will arrive at this grimy bar to have food.

He thinks something is off-base, yet what? Kamal pushes and hits Arjun. He attempts to shoot Arjun. Arjun attempts to stop him and the slug is shot in air. Aditya is going to go out and quits hearing the projectile sound. Kashvi likewise hears the slug sound and races to where Arjun was kept hostage. Aditya sees her proceeding to follow her. Kashvi comes there and sees Arjun and Kamal battling. She hits Kamal with the bar to save Arjun. She assists Arjun with standing up. They take a gander at one another. Aditya comes there. They all battle with Kamal and the thugs. Kashvi requests that Aditya get Kamal. Kamal hits Aditya and makes him tumble down, before he escape from that point. Arjun goes behind Kamal. Kashvi lets Aditya know that his nose is dying. Arjun returns and tells that Kamal escaped. He says I will capture the two thugs. He says in the event that anybody attempts to show any savvy, I will shoot you both. Police comes there.

Arjun asks Kashvi and Aditya, for what reason did they come here? He says I told Raunaq sir obviously that I don’t need anybody’s assistance. He inquires as to for what reason did they come here? Kashvi says I didn’t come to help you. Aditya says I had got a tip. Kashvi lets Arjun know that she won’t assist him next time with night assuming he is huge difficulty and will turn her face seeing him. She says lets truly do police help. The Examiner requests that Arjun sign on their capture papers. Arjun says I will sign, as I have gotten them. Aditya asks what you are doing here. Aditya asks Arjun for what good reason he came? Arjun says even he got a tip that Kamal is here. Aditya says it is a major incident that you are here. Kashvi says occurrence do occur. Aditya thinks they are tricking him, they are cooperating however why they are acting to battle infront of him. Kashvi tracks down a Compact disc and picks it. She sees its number CD859. She thinks this is a similar Disc which Arjun was discussing, and figures she can’t tell infront of Aditya. She requests that Controller send Aditya to emergency clinic. Aditya requests that she come. Kashvi says she accompanied Prerna so needs to go with her. Aditya goes. Kashvi shows the CD859 to Arjun. Arjun requests that Supervisor bring the Disc player. They see the little children and their subtleties. Overseer says it is a major verifications.

Kashvi looks for the subtleties and says it is 2 years subtleties. Arjun says this multitude of subtleties are simply of most recent 2 years. Kashvi says I thought this pack has abducted our kid and says we will make the guardians arrive at their children, and says I don’t believe they should experience like us. Arjun says we need to open their mouths and requests that the thugs say where could the children be? The hooligans take them to the room where a few children are in the support and mosquito net. Kashvi gets profound seeing the child. Arjun requests that Assessor check the clinic records, and call their folks here. He says until their folks come, we will be here. He requests that they secure the hooligans in the jail. Reviewer takes them. Arjun says we will look through our youngster. Kashvi says Kamal escaped, we won’t be aware. Arjun says we have Mahima, we will cause her to talk reality. He swears on her and says they will track down their youngster. Yeh hain chahatein… ..plays… ..

Precap: Mahima tells Kashvi and Arjun that Karun’s genuine guardians are you both. Arjun asks Kashvi the number of plans you that will do, everything is great. Kashvi says my child Karun is coming to me. School staff woman comes and tells that Karun is missing.

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