Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Ishan solaces Savi and assists her with playing out her relatives’ last customs. Savi performs last rituals illogically and sets bodies ablaze according to ceremonies. She then gets into her faculties and cries bountifully saying her reality has finished. Ishan embraces and solaces her. Neighbors examine that Chavans had a blissful family which finished unexpectedly, how might Savi alone make due, what will befall Harini who is still in trance state, how might deal with Savi now, and so on.

Surekha performs pooja. Yashwant inquires as to for what reason is she sending Nishikant and Reeva around evening time to bring back Ishan from Ramtek, Ishan would have come in the first part of the day in any case. Surekha says Ishan sees himself as liable for Savi’s family’s passing, a responsibility stricken individual will say nothing, she fears Savi will trap him there and he will not have the option to escape Ramtek for 13 days, Ramtek is a little town and individuals probably began sassing that Savi’s teacher is taking a lot of interest in his understudy and meandering around her to an extreme, and so on. She say she can’t bring a gamble and needs Ishan back home straightaway at ay cost. Yashwant gestures yes. Reeva strolls to Surekha. Surekha requests that she give prasad to her eventual spouse and bring him back at any expense. Reeva gestures alright and leaves.

Savi keeps on sitting pointlessly. Ishan reviews how Samrudh took shots at the cannister and killed Savi’s loved ones. Panditji requests that he go along to plan demise declarations. Ishan goes with him. Savi lowers her relatives’ remains into stream and envisions their grinning faces in water. She gets into water asking them where are they going letting her be, she will satisfy their desires of turning into an IAS official, and so on. She gets totally into water.

Panditji requests that Ishan call the granddaughter for signature on death authentications. Reeva and Nishi arrive at Ramtek. Ishan looks for Savi and tracks down her versatile on the ground. He thinks where did she go keeping her telephone here, she isn’t in her detects. He sees debris pots in water and strides towards stream. He is stunned to see Savi suffocating in water and bounces into water. He finds her and gets her out. He attempts to awaken her, thinks that she is not breathing, and does mouth to mouth. Reeva and Nishi arrive at there and stand stunned seeing Ishan performing lip-to-lip relaxing. Reeva rushes to Ishan and says let her play out Savi’s CPR. Ishan says there is no time for that, he can’t allow anything to happen to Savi, and he keeps on playing out her CPR leaving Reeva in more shock seeing his response. Savi opens eyes.

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