Imlie 13th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Agsatya lets Imlie know that he won’t leave her with such ease and will be with her for eternity. She inquires as to whether he is certain. He acts and afterward says sure. They get into vehicle and leave. Navya’s helper is seen cutting vehicle’s brakes. Agastya requests that Imlie quit scowling and contemplate what’s to come. She says even he will get wrinkles assuming that he scowls. Once more, agastya asks assuming that she has pondered their future. Imlie depicts how she will rest calmly on bed as her back is throbbing subsequent to dozing on floor, make Agastya clean his room, set aside a room for her garments in his room, and so on. Agastya sees a quickly moving vehicle in inverse course and proceeds. He understands his vehicle’s brakes have fizzled and pushes Imlie and himself out of the vehicle. Vehicle tumbles from the precipice. The two of them likewise roll on the ground and arrive at bluff end.

Daadi enthusiastically hangs tight for Agastya. Sonali says she just addressed Agastya and he will be home soon. Alka says Imlie is with Agastya and she recalls a day when Kairi was with Dhanraj and they were trusting that Dhanraj will get back. Daadi cautions her not to discuss unfavorable Kairi. Alka says their lives have turned a damnation since Imlie entered their lives. Sonali requests that she quit denouncing Imlie and says assuming any issue shows up, Imlie will tackle it as she does ordinarily. Rajni requests that Alka quit alarming them and supplicate that the two children get back securely.

Agastya dangles from a tree at a precipice end. Imlie attempts to pull him up and argues him to come up in some way. He says he can’t. She looks for her portable and yells for help. Agastya says he will not get by and requests that she deal with his family in his nonattendance. Tree husk begins breaking. He communicates his adoration for her. She does same. Bark separates and he falls profound into the wilderness. Imlie cries noisily and afterward sits illogically. Townspeople notice her and illuminate police.

Police arrive at Chaudhry house and illuminate Chaudhrys that Agastya met with a mishap. Daadi staggers hearing that and asks in which emergency clinic he is in at this point. Investigator says he tumbled down from a bluff and his group is attempting to look for him. Constable strolls to Imlie. Imlie inquires as to whether babu is found. Constable says police group is coming to look for him, yet it’s troublesome make due subsequent to tumbling from the precipice. Imlie flies off the handle on the constable and runs towards precipice to look for Agastya. Constables stop her.

Chaudhry family arrives at the spot and frenzy. Daadi inquires as to for what reason did Agastya come here. Constable says just Imlie can tell as she was with him. Imlie sits illogically in a police van. Salvage activity proceeds. Around evening time, Sonali offers water to Imlie and guarantees that Agastya will be fine. She sees sindhoor in Imlie’s hairline. Imlie says she has trust in her confidence. Constable illuminates that salvage group tracked down a dead body. Chaudhrys are stunned to see Agastya’s watch in dead body’s hand.

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