Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Swati asks Ishaan she needs to be aware of Reeva’s future with him, will he leave Reeva in the future. Ishaan stands stunned. Swanand says they wall reserve an option to be aware. Swati says Ishaan can’t be quiet at this point. Reeva requests that they stop it as Ishaan has quite recently gotten back from emergency clinic tired, they shouldn’t inconvenience him, and requests that her folks bring her back home at this point. Ishaan stops her and requests that she pay attention to his response. Savi attempts to educate Harini concerning her and Ishaan when attendant brings food and requests that Savi let Harini appreciate genuine food. Harini says she is correct. Savi says she will take care of her tai and will serve her home-prepared food whenever she is released from emergency clinic. Harini inquires as to whether her parents in law like her food. Savi reviews Ishaan declining to have her pre-arranged food.

Nurture says Harini is fortunate to have such a decent sister and BIL; only a couple of days prior, Savi battled with Ishaan and came to clinic with her pack, today they are together once more. Harini inquires as to whether she battled with Ishaan. Yashwant requests that Ishaan respond to them. Surekha inquires as to whether Ishaan will bring Savi and Harini home and dump them on us. Swanand says on the off chance that that occurs, Reeva will see her dead face as he can’t see his little girl experiencing every day. Yashwant cautions him to dare not say that and gets out anything Ishaan’s choice is, his orders are continued in this house and he won’t permit Savi and her sister in this house.

Harini questions Savi about her battle with Ishaan and gets some information about her missing mangalsutra. She says ladies for the most part neglect to wear mangalsutra, yet it’s inappropriate to eliminate mangalsutra itself. Ishaan strolls in and says Savi is acclimated to battle with him, she had broken her mangalsutra and given him to fix it. He illuminates her that specialist is releasing her tomorrow and she will remain in his home. Harini asks how might she stay in sister by marriage’s home. Ishaan says it’s her sister’s home and she has right to remain there. He passes on requesting that Harini be prepared tomorrow. Harini lets Savi know that she cannot tell her how blissful she is seeing them together, she took an ideal choice to get them hitched.

Savi strolls behind Ishaan and asks what is his take of himself, when did she let him know that Tai will move to his home. Ishaan says she doesn’t have a culpability of killing somebody’s family however he has, he can’t face a challenge of losing another life and thus took this choice. Savi says Surekha, Durva, and others will embarrass tai with their insults and she can’t face that challenge. Ishaan says he previously addressed his family and reviews Surekha addressing him in the event that he is with her or not. Ishaan says he has chosen to help Reeva this time and will follow every one of the commitments made to Reeva, however he has liabilities towards Savi and Harini likewise and can’t lose Harini. Yashwant requests that he be explicit. Ishaan says he needs him and Savi behave like a couple before Harini for a couple of days.

Surekha inquires as to whether he understood what might Reeva feel with his choice, he shouldn’t do that. Ishaan says he won’t do that without Reeva’s consent and lets Reeva know that he realizes she would take a best choice. Swati signals Reeva to say no. Reeva says she is certain that Ishaan won’t break her trust once more, he can bring Savi and her sister home. Family stands upset. Ishaan says thanks to Reeva. Reeva says she has one condition, he will wed her following a month on her parent’s wedding commemoration; she isn’t managing him, however is ensuring that doesn’t sell out her again as she has endured a ton. Ishaan says he knows that and vows to wed her following a month and will illuminate truth to Harini during this period. Out of flashback, Ishaan says even Reeva is alright with his choice, so Savi shouldn’t make any more show and shift to his home. Savi believes in the event that Ishaan is truly wedding Reeva following a month.

Back home, Reeva believes on the off chance that she did a misstep. Swanand tells Swati that Reeva is doing a serious mix-up by believing Ishaan, she will be deceived and shattered by Ishaan in the future. Swati says last time he attempted to stop Reeva and saw the outcomes. Swanand says let Reeva do anything she desires to, he won’t keep calm this time and will ensure Reeva weds Ishaan following a month and Ishaan divorces Savi soon. Following day, Ishaan orders worker Jeetu to tidy up visitor room as Savi’s tai is moving there and ensure everything is set up. Surekha exhaust seeing that and during breakfast lets family know that Ishaan is going about as though he is bringing a CM home. Durva says Ishaan is alarming Jeetu since morning. Yashwant asks Surekha not to stress as Harini and Savi will remain here for a couple of days and afterward leave.

Surekha requests that Shikha call Chinmay for breakfast. Shikha strolls to Chinmay and inquires as to for what reason is he quieting grinning remaining here. Chinmay says there is a tempest of feelings going to Ishaan now, he doesn’t realize that he has fallen in Savi’s affection. Shikha says even she needs same. She strolls to kitchen and plans to get ready modak with Asmita. Surekha cautions them to quit setting anything up for Savi and Harini or give them extraordinary treatment as they are hanging around for a couple of days. Asmita thinks for what reason is Ishaan acquiring them here this harmful climate.

Ishaan goes to medical clinic to get Harini and Savi. Harini says they have booked a taxi as they are not visiting his home as she realizes that he was assume to wed Reeva and she constrained him to wed Savi, she likewise realizes that he and Savi are not together at this point. Ishaan flies off the handle on Savi for uncovering truth to Harini. Harini says Savi uncovered nothing and goes into flashback where Savi lets Harini know that they will move to a room and not Ishaan’s home. Harini says they can remain in his home for a couple of days to keep his words. Savi goes to finish release conventions. Savi’s satchel tumbles down. Harini finds mangalsutra in it and understands that attendant was telling truth. Savi gets back to her. Harini shows mangalsutra and asks till when she will lie.

Precap: Savi’s shop catche.s fire. Ishaan runs into shop and saves Savi’s parent’s photographs and gifts, consuming his fingers. Reeva races to help him and says he consumed a finger in which she needed to place ring in. Ishan lets Savi know that he was unable to allow her recollections to consume. Savi says is nobody to him, why did he risk his lifes.

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