Pandya Store 15th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Dhawal and Shantanu battling. Natasha and Tai are stunned. Naveli searches for the composition. Shantanu asks did you blow up. Dhawal asks how did you manage her. Everybody comes and sees Natasha. Tai says leave my sibling, stop it, enough. Amba asks how could she return. They all get stunned. Natasha reproves Dhawal and says you have beaten my Shanu, you are awful. She embraces Shantanu. She says we will return home, please. Pranali says she can’t be our Natasha, she is a youngster intellectually. Dhawal asks Shantanu what’s your connection with her. Tai thinks Bittu has an association with this family, I need to remove Shanu and Bittu. She requests that Shantanu come. Shantanu takes Natasha. Naveli accompanies the composition and stops Natasha. She shows the drawing of Pandya store.

Natasha says no, we won’t remain back, Dhawal is awful, he has beaten Shanu. Tai says Naveli, we made you meet Bittu, presently let us go. Natasha leaves. Naveli cries and requests that Dhawal stop Bittu. She beseeches him. Pranali prevents her from running. Shantanu says I would have beaten that person. Tai expresses take a gander at Bittu’s state, we need to go. He says I will call a taxi. Hetal says Pranali, don’t allow Natasha to come here if you have any desire to remain as Naveli’s mum, send her to the lodging, it will be extreme for you to respond to her inquiries. Dhawal yells stop. Shantanu says I will hit you down, move away. Dhawal says tell me, what’s your connection. Shantanu is going to hit Dhawal. Natasha in the middle between and yells. She blacks out. Dhawal holds her.

He lifts her and takes her inside the house. He asks didn’t she have water since quite a while. He admonishes Shantanu and Tai. He says you don’t have any idea, she has only one kidney. Tai asks how do you have any idea this. Shantanu says she swooned because of stress, clear out, I will see. He sprinkles water and awakens her. He gives her medication. He sings Tu jo rootha… . Furthermore, appeases her. They embrace. Dhawal gets desirous. Dhawal and everybody leave. Pranali requests that Naveli let her companion take rest. Tai says Shanu, you will have dread of losing Bittu assuming you stay here.

Shantanu says we need to save Bittu here for a couple of days. Dhawal says I can’t allow you to go until you respond to me, I will stand by till she gets fine. Shantanu asks his connection with Bittu. Dhawal says she is my significant other.

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