Yeh Hain Chahatein 15th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Arjun returns home and sees the festival at home, and everybody invites him. Karun shows the cardboard on which he has composed congrats Father. Arjun blows up and tears it. Karun inquires as to for what reason did you tear it? Arjun says he is celebrating. Jagdish requests that Isha take karun inside. He tears the banner and tosses the cake, wrecking the house. Jagdish slaps him to cause him to acknowledge what he is doing. Arjun says wrong thing have occurred with me, I have bombed in the test and couldn’t become common assistance official. He says he was unable to satisfy his fantasy to take the inheritance forward to become common official. Monty lets him know that his next test will be great. Micky says you will pass. Keval asks him not to take pressure. Shanti wishes to make the video and ship off Aditya.

Mahima hangs tight for Vishal in the café. The server asks her to either arrange something or leave the table. Mahima goes.

Kashvi is in the vehicle and tells that Arjun was correct, his response sheet was changed by somebody. Arjun vents out his annoyance on everybody. Kashvi comes there and says I need to converse with you. Arjun would rather not tune in and tells Jagdish that Kashvi said that he don’t merit being affable official and she bombed him in the test. He charge her inquiring as to whether she needs to play all life. Jagdish asks Micky and Monty to take them from that point. They take him. Jagdish asks Kashvi for what valid reason did he bomb him in the test. Kashvi says for what reason will I bomb him. She says when Arjun said that this isn’t his response sheet and he had composed every one of the responses right. She says she got it from her senior and tracked down reality. Jagdish checks and says it is Arjun’s penmanship. Kashvi says it isn’t his hand composing, it is duplicate of his hand composing and tells that Arjun composes y bended, yet this is straight. She tells that she will converse with her senior and will plan his re – test.

Mahima comes to Vishal’s home and gets inside the house. She sees Vishal getting ready for marriage and is going to go close to him, however his mom stops him and tells that she can’t let a divorced person and a mother of one youngster wed her child, and tells that Vishal is locked in to Priest’s girl. Mahima says she will uncover Vishal. Vishal’s mom calls the watchmen to toss her out.

Kashvi comes to Arjun’s home and tosses water at him. She tells that she attempted to awaken him since a long-lasting. Arjun says he would rather not see her face and he will rest and lays on the bed. Kashvi says you have re-test at 11 am in the instructional hub. Arjun asks your meaning could be a little more obvious. Kashvi says Raunaq sir had concurred with much trouble, and says there is only one test among you and your fantasies. She says the very best and goes. Arjun goes to prepare. Shanti hears and remembers to illuminate Aditya. Aditya questions Raunaq, for what reason did he allow an opportunity to Arjun? He inquires as to for what reason did you settle on his platitudes. Raunaq Sir tells that he settled on Kashvi’s platitudes, and a fb is shown, Kashvi lets Raunaq Sir know that she knows Arjun since her experience growing up and was with him in school and school, and he used to compose Y as bended, and shows his past response sheet. She says somebody has done trick to destroy his profession. Fb closes. Raunaq Sir tells that even he felt that Arjun will be able and says on the off chance that he is lying, he will flop today itself. Aditya emerges from Raunaq’s lodge and says Arjun Bajwa, I won’t allow you to become official. Karun does Arjun’s aarti and tilak and says your test will be great. Arjun says OK. Jagdish says the very best. Shanti remembers to illuminate Aditya and illuminates him that Arjun left.

Arjun is in his vehicle and is going to the instructional hub, when a few thugs are following them with Aditya on the bicycle. They assault Arjun’s vehicle and requests that he emerge. Arjun emerges. They begin beating him. Arjun asks what you are doing? Aditya is going to hit Arjun, however Arjun kicks him and he tumbles down.

Precap: Kashvi cuffs Aditya and leaves from the vehicle. Aditya’s vehicle tumbles down from the valley and explodes. He yells. Specialist tells that he has head injury and that is the reason he is in unconsciousness. Kashvi faults herself.

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