ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 16 November 2020 Written Update : Virat consoles Sai

At the beginning of the episode, Milind tells Virat to take Sai’s education and her efficiency. Moshi tells now Kamal is not there, so we have to bequeath the government quarter. Everyone told Virat to take Sai with her. Virat says, didn’t you see how Sai is acting with me? She believes I have slain his father.

Sai tells him she will not marry her at any cost, and his father has taught him how to take care of herself and said to her that she would not take anyone’s support. Sai rushed inside the house. Panditji recites the story to everyone, and at the same time, Mansi says that Patarlekha has not eaten anything from morning. Ashwini taunted that if Fasting is done with a pure heart, it will not harm her.

Bhavini shows trust in Patterlekha fasting and tell that she will manage to bring Samrat back. Mansi thanks her for her effort. Suddenly Paterlekha fainted and fell. Moshi told everyone that now Sai is not willing to hear anyone as she is angry very much. Virat said that he is only worried about Sai, nothing else. Virat went inside to talk with her. Ashwini taunted and said that it’s all because of a lack of interest. Karishma was about to feed water. Bhavani stopped her and said she could not break her fast like this.

Patarlekha recalled Virat’s promise and said that she needs some rest. Sai told Virat that there is no use for him here so that he can leave from here. Virat insisted on listening to him for 5 minutes because he wanted to acknowledge her above the real truth.

Virat told her that Jatab fired him, and Kamal was not following the instructions, so he died. Sai told Virat that he is just trying to clear his image by doing ball these. Virat acknowledges her about the promise he gave to Kamal before dying and asked her to fill it. Sai tells her she is confused about what to do or not.

Virat told Sai that Kamal wished to make you a doctor and told her not to worry about anything as he would provide all the necessary things. Sai shouted at him and said that she doesn’t care about what responsibility is trying to do. Virat made a note of his contact. Before leaving, Sai told Virat that she would not take his help at any cost. Virat tells her to be patient and watch what will happen in the future.

Episode end

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