Anupamma 16 November 2020 Written Update : An argument between Vanraj and Kavya

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj asks Anupama why she did not give him the papers in front of everyone. Anupama says that because it also had Babuji’s blessing. And since she does not wish to take away people’s rights, nor has she ever done so, she is returning these papers to him.

Vanraj taunts her and says that she cannot stand in front of him. Anupama says she is returning half the household papers. Vanraj flares up and burns the documents and says that he will also burn Anupama’s arrogance. Further, Leela tells Hansmuk did wrong by giving house papers to Anupama as she is not their family blood. Hansmuk says that Anupama deserves it as well as Leela is not of this family blood.

Whereas Anupama prepares herself for happiness. Vanraj asks her the reason for this. Anupama says that she is dressup for herself. She sees Vanraj and says that if he is going out somewhere, he should wear clothes smoothly. Vanraj thinks that since Anupama has left her job, he does not get anything on time.

Further, Vanraj meets Kavya and is shocked to see her dressed up as Anupama and asks why she is dressed like Anupama. Kavya gets irritated by this. Vanraj tries to convince her. Anupama and Nandani make Rangoli. Summer is fascinated to see Nandani. He feels that his heart has something for Nandni.

Vanraj tells Kavya that Babuji has handed over the papers to Anupama’s house. Kavya says this is good because what will Anupama do after divorce? It is better for her to get a part of the house. Vanraj gets irritated and asks her to stop talking about divorce.

Kavya angrily asks Vanraj to leave the house. Vanraj leaves, and Kavya cries. Vanraj meets Rakhi next. She tells Vanraj that the day she gets proof against him, she will break up Paritosh and Kinjal’s relationship. Vanraj is shocked to hear this.

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