Shaadi Mubarak 16 November 2020 Written Update : KT and Preeti meet AT

At the beginning of the episode, Neelima is shocked to see blood in KT’s hand. KT ignores Neelima and leaves the room. Rati calls Neelima and tells about the incident in the village. On the other hand, Juhi tells Preeti to change her decision. Neelima arrives at Preeti’s house and curses Preeti for KT’s trouble. Neelima says that she thought Preeti is a naive woman but she turned out to be very clever. She takes advantage of KT and now wants to start afresh. But she will never succeed. She adds that she hurts KT alot and for this she will punish her. Kusum is surprised to hear her words.

Preeti reaches the office and KT too, both collides with each other and starts seeing each other. KT apologizes to her. Sheena greets them. Sheena realizes that there is something wrong between Preeti and KT. KT arrives in his cabin and sees the rules he created during the partnership. He then recalls how Preeti has broken this partnership. He tore the papers which had rules. Preeti notices him. Both KT and Preeti sit down in their chair sadly. Further, Preeti finds that her diary is missing. KT notices Preeti’s diary and returns it. Sheena calls them for meeting. Preeti says it would be better if one goes to a meeting. KT denies this. He scolds Preeti for taking the decision according to herself and says that she is making a mistake by taking the decision without knowing the truth.

Preeti and KT reach the meeting venue. At the same time, there is a new unknown woman’s entry. The woman cuts the path of Preeti and KT and separates them from each other. And goes further. While KT and Preeti stand stunned. Both of them proceed without paying much attention to that incident. While the woman says hello KT, we will meet soon. KT meets new client. Who is happy to see them. KT and that boy shake their hands while that boy tells his name AT. KT ask what is his full name. He ask him to guess. Preeti asks him about his mother.

While AT asks KT if they should forgive a human being after a mistake. KT says yes. AT gets happy and says that he is doing the same and that is why he is giving his parents another chance. And getting them married.

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