Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 18 December 2020 Written Update – Everyone was against Sai

At the beginning of the episode, everyone started to insist on Sai to go and apologize to Pakhi and bring her back home. Everyone started taunting her for being so rude and insulting Pakhi. Ashwini took a stand for Sai and told everyone not to target Sai as there is no one to speak in support of her. Sonali warned Ashwini not to go against the whole family for Sai. Sai said I have only told the truth nor, I have made any story. Bhavini told, there is only one solution Sai has to go and apologies to Pakhi and bring her back to this home. Sai denied and told everyone that she had not done anything wrong, so she will not go anywhere.

Virat was in a meeting with DIG, but he was not attentive as he was thinking about the last night. Pakhi, while having her meal was thinking about that night. Her mother went to her and asked Pakhi what happened to her that she is so tensed. Pakhi told Sai to try to insult her, but that is not the main problem as she is very young, but Virat forgot his promise and sooner he will forget me. Pakhi told me he promised me that he will be available for me every time, but it seems like he has forgotten his promise. Pakhi was confused that whose mistake is bigger Sailor Virat. Pakhi’s father told them to move on in his life and forget him. DIG noticed Virat and asked him that he is ready for the operation. Virat told me he is always ready.

Sai was making tea for Ashwini, suddenly Sonaly came and taunted Sai for being so rude and stubborn as a child. Usha came and told Sai to take tea for Ashwini as she js waiting for him. Sai came across Devyani, and by mistake, she dropped the tray on the floor. Bhavini saw and taunted for breaking everything in this house. Devyani shouted snd said not to say anything to Sai she is very good not like you.

Usha came in between and asked having not being so hyper as she will make him understand. Usha tried to explain to her but Sai clearly told that she have not did any mistake so she will not say sorry to her. Bhavini told Sai to be in limits as Pakhi is elder than her. Ashwini came and asked Shiwani to take Devyani with her. Ashwini asked them why all of them are always against Sai as Pakhi was willing to go to her house for so long. Bhavini told Sai if you will not apologies to her, then there is no need for you to stay in this house.

Sai told Virat that her entrance exam result is coming soon. Virat asked her why she is so happy as Pakhi left this house forever. Virat told us we stay in s joint family and we have to think for everyone. Sai told me exactly what I want everyone should be treated equally. Virat told me there is no need of arguing with you. Sai asked Virat that he wants me to go and apologize to Pakhi and bring her back.

Episode end

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