Barrister babu 18 December 2020 written update – Surmani tricks Anirudh

Surmani tricks AnirudhAt the beginning of the episode, Anirudh praying for Bondita. He asks God to bring back his Bondita into her senses. The whole Roy Chaudhary family joins him. Their doctor is checking Bondita. Bondita moves her hand slightly. She murmurs Anirudh’s name. The doctor informs this to Binoy and Binoy tells this thing to everyone. Anirudh comes to Bondita and asks her how she feels. Bondita asks Anirudh about Sorav. Anirudh is about to tell her the truth but Trilochan stops him saying that we can’t tell this Bondita right now.

There Sampoorna asks Biraj if Sorav reaches Kolkata. Biraj gets angry and asks Sampoorna to stop her drama. She scolds Sampoorna and blames her for Sorav’s death. Devoleena comes there she handles her daughter. Surmani asks Sampoorna to perform sati ritual. There, Bondita denies eating while Anirudh came and ask her to have something. Bondita asks about Sorav. She asks if he sends Sorav to Kolkata.

Anirudh says nothing. Bondita says fine she will eat. Later Bondita gets to knows about Sorav’s death. She asks Anirudh to bring it there. While Sampoorna is ready to perform sati ritual. Trilochan forbid Bondita from going there. He says that he already send some money to help them. Anirudh says money won’t do anything, Sorav died for them so it would be better if they go there. Later Anirudh arrives at Sorav’s house. Bondita asks about Sampoorna.

Surmani lies that she is sleeping. Bondita tells that she wants to meet Sampoorna. Bondita goes inside. Surmani thinks to trap Anirudh and Bondita inside so they can’t do anything when Sampoorna is doing sati ritual. She asks Anirudh to bring water for Sampoorna. Anirudh takes the glass of water and says sure. He goes inside and Surmani locks them. Surmani asks Biraj to leave the place or else if Anirudh gets to know about the truth, he won’t let Sampoorna perform sati ritual. Biraj agrees and leaves with her.

While Anirudh asks Surmani to open the door. Bondita asks why Surmani locks them. Anirudh says maybe they want to sati Sampoorna with Sorav. She is in danger we have to save her. There Biraj and Surmani bring Sampoorna and Sorav’s bodies to the jungle. Anirudh breaks the door and asks everyone about aantim sanskar’s place. No one tells this to Anirudh. While Bondita finds a way.

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