Namak Issk ka 18 December 2020 Written Update – Yug came across with Chamcham real face

At the beginning of the episode, Badi Amma was remembering her first-anniversary, suddenly Yug came to her room, and then Badi Amma told her that tomorrow is Rony’s first anniversary, so she remembered her first anniversary. Yug hugged her and said her cry for once, not to hide her emotions.

Chamcham stopped Iravati from injecting Ravikanth. And told her that not to worry as she will do this. Yug told Badi Amma to forget him as he has gone far from him. Chamcham told Iravati that in another hometown, there was a patient like Ravikanth, and she treated her, and after that, he recovered and went to court to give the evidence against the real culprit. Iravati told her to keep quiet and do her work. Badi Amma said bus husband likes her smile, so she will never stop smiling.

Camcham was about, and o inject the wrong injection, and suddenly her mask fell, and she dropped the injection. Rupa went to Yug and asked him that why he is so silent. Yug told she was confused that how will explain Badi Amma as she is hurting herself by recalling his past relationship. Rupa told Yug that husband and wife have a precision bond and in that happiness as well as sadness both are precious for them.

Chamcham injected the right injection, and Iravati felt sad for that. Yug brought gifts for everyone and started distributing them to everyone. Badi Amma noticed that frame was missing and asked about it. Rupa said Rony had taken that to make some changes to it. Chamcham came with Ravikanth, and then Yug gave a gift to Chamcham also. Rupa insisted Chamcham open the gift and have a look. Then Yug gave gifts to The maid of the house. Suddenly Chamcham’s mask dropped, and Yug noticed him, then she ran and hid in a cupboard. Suddenly Chamcham’s phone rang, and Yug spotted her in the cupboard and asked her to come out and leave this house.

Chamcham was about to go, Yug stooped her and told her not to come back to this house again. Badi Amma asked Virat why he is talking to her like this. Yug asked Chamcham to remove the mask from our face. Then Chamcham removed her cloth, and everyone recognized her. Yug said she is not a nurse as she is a dancer. Rupa took a stand For Chamcham, but Iravati said no one knows that with what intention she had come here. Yug told Chamcham to leave this house, and she started moving out.

Episode end

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