Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 18 December 2020 Written Update – Heer wants to die

At the beginning of the episode, Heer is about to run but Shergil caught her. There, Virat beat the goons. Shergil asks Heer what she thinks that she can escape? He tells her that there are lots of cameras so she can’t escape. He takes her forcefully while Heer begs him to let her go. Meantime Virat asks goons about details of guests. They say they don’t know. Kinnar comes and asks goon to tell her everything else she will throw him in the sea. Goons get afraid they tell every single detail of Shergil and another one too.

Kinnar asks Virat to save Heer as soon as possible. Later Sant and others meet Virat. Parmeet hugs him and asks if he is okay. He says yes he is fine. He tells them that he find some details about customers and now he is going to find Heer. Parmeet asks if she can come with him. Virat says no. Parmeet thinks to find Heer before Virat. There, Shergil asks Heer to change her clothes. Heer says she will not. Shergil says now Heer is his and if she will not get ready then he will help her.

Heer says no, there is no need, she will get ready herself. Shergil asks good, he leaves. Heer cries while changing. She asks Virat where are you, I don’t wanna live here, please come soon and save her. Other side Virat says he will come soon. Preeto asks Rohan to drive fast. She adds what if they bring Heer with them. Harak asks her not to worry. Parmeet thinks it would be better if they take Heer with them. There, Heer thinks to kill herself before that man touches her. Then she drops this idea and says she is Heer and she is strong thus she will not take this step. Shergil says only 2 more hours are left.

Later someone rings the bell. Shergil says who here? He opens the door and finds but his servant gives him gazra. There, Preeto and others come to a man’s house. They ask him about Heer. He tells them that Shergill brought her. They go to Shergil. While Heer locks herself. Shergil asks her to open the door but she didn’t. He asks his servant to break the door. They did as he said. Goon then tries to mess with them with Heer throws pot and soil on them. Shergil gets angry. He tries to abuse Heet but that’s when Virat arrives.

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