Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18 December 2020 Written Update – Vihan turns the table

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima came with Vihan. Duo dances together. Kabir also joins them. Later Riddhima recalls how Vihan said that if she wants him to help her then while dancing fly and as a yes he will lift her. Riddhima did the same. Vihan got his answer and smile. Future Kabir announces that now he will start the main program. He shows Riddhima her childhood photo and then Vihan and Vansh’s photo appears. Everyone is shocked.

Kabir says he told them before also that this man is not Vansh but they didn’t listen to him. Dadi says she can’t believe this. Anupriya says she suspects Riddhima from day one but remain silent for her son only. Ishani taunts that Riddhima only knows how to hurt people. Kabir asks Riddhima to tell the whole family the truth but she remains silent. Kabir asks Vihan to say something. He demands the answer.

Vihan breaks the screen and says now you will get your answer. He brings some envelop and gives that to everyone. He asks them to open it. They open and find their pictures. They see their photos in different shades. Ishani asks what the hell is this? Vihan is showing them what Kabir showed them to prove him Vansh’s hamshakal. He scolds everyone as they always misunderstand him, questioning his identity.

He asks the family if now they believe him. Ishani says sorry bhai now I know that only you are my Bhai. Vihan asks others and the answer is the same. Vihan what is Kabir’s call now? Kabir says he believes that he is Vansh only. Vihan asks him to say it out loud. Kabir gets irritated but as he has no other option so he says out loud that he is Vansh only. Riddhima says seems like Vansh is very hurt today, this is the second time when Kabir questions Vansh. She adds she thinks Kabir should say sorry to Vansh. Dadi says from now on no one will question Vansh.

She asks Kabir to say sorry to his big brother. Kabir gets angry. He apologizes to Vansh. Vansh smirks. Kabir says after this he will never suspect him and that’s his promise. Dadi says what happened is wrong but thanks to Bappa that now everything is sorted. Vihan says good night to Dadi. Riddhima thinks that Vihan handle Kabir but now she needs to spend her evening with him. She gets nervous.

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