Choti Sarrdaarni 18 December 2020 Written Update – Ronnie plans to acquire a position in the property

At the beginning of the episode, Param asked Sarab and Meher that, why are they crying. Sarab told him that these are tears of happiness as food is very tasty. Amrita went to Kulwant and requested her to have dinner. Kulwant said she is not feeling good as her daughter is in trouble. Aditi was changing the interiors of the house. Harleen told Aditi that this room is perfect for them as in this room it feels like Memories are still there in this room and that she can not change.

Herleen advised Aditi to wear the clothes of Meher because Vikram still has feelings for her. Param said there is not mattress nor pillow hoe will he sleep here. Meher told him to lay on Sarab as it is the best mattress ever. That little gang was noticing them and felt sad for not having their parents to love them like this. They hear police jeep noise and ran away from there.

Amrita noticed Kulwant sleeping on the floor without a blanket and asked her, why she is sleeping like this. Kulwant said her daughter is also sleeping like this today, so she will also sleep like this. Like this other members of the family joined Kulwant and decided to sleep on the floor. Param saw a nightmare and suddenly woke up. Then Sarab. Calmed him and made him sleep again. Meher said she is confused about why Parsm is so scared. Sarab said Mehre’s motto overthink and sleep as he has to for work.

The next morning Meher took bath in the early morning and started waking up Sarab and Param. The little Gang pulled out water from the gutter and thought of teasing Sarab and his family. Sarab woke up and felt bad back pain Meher requested Sarab to take a rest bit Sarab was willing to for work, but Meher not allowed him to go anywhere.

Pathak advised Ronnie to hold a position in Sarab property as this is the right time. Suddenly water came inside the house, and Param shouted. Then Meher started cleaning the house. Ronnie went inside and noticed Harleen coming out of the house and slept in the garden. Harleen came and asked him why he is sleeping here. Then he acted off the sleeping whole night in the garden and then requested her to forgive him as he did everything to help you. Harleen told him to go inside and sleep. Meher told Sarab that she would massage his back after that, you will be fit and fine. Then Sarab and Meher cracked a few jokes on each other. Suddenly Param said that he is enjoying this game. Param saw Sarab in pain and requested Meher to call a doctor for Sarab. Meher told him that we can not call a doctor as we have no money to pay the fee.

Param said Sarab, that why we cannot call the doctor in this game. Harleen was getting hiccups, and she thought Sarab would be remembering him. Ronnie brought water for her and asked her to drink, but her hiccups stooped after taking Sarab’s name. Meher was searching for Ayurvedic leaves to treat Sarab.

Episode end

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