Kumkum bhagya 18 December 2020 Written Update – Bullet hits Abhi!

At the beginning of the episode, Tony and his man didn’t find the keys. They ask Abhi where is the key. Abhi says how did he know. Goons say maybe his daughter lied. Abhi says she can’t lie as she is Pragya’s daughter. They then find the keys and say wow his trust for his daughter is worthy. There Riya asks why Abhi didn’t come back yet. Pragya says he will come soon. Riya asks why did she let him go. Prachi says don’t always blame Pragya for everything.

Riya asks her to shut up as she the one who doesn’t even care about Abhi which is why she came late. Prachi says she comes as soon as possible as she to care for Abhi. Riya says yeah for this we will give you a reward. Sahana asks her not to split anything. Riya asks her to stay away from her matters. Pragya asks them to calm down. Riya again blames her for Sahana’s bad behavior towards her. Prachi asks her not to show her pity every time to get sympathy.

Pragya says don’t fight, Abhi will come soon. Later Abhi came. Prachi and Riya hug him. Pragya adores them. Tony says thanks to Abhi and Prachi that they got this neckpiece. He says they can leave now as they promised. They are about to leave but Riya wants to get her bag. Tony asked her to leave it here. Riya asks why she pays for this she can’t. Abhi tries to make them understand but Tony pushed him hard. Everyone is shocked. Meera asks Saho to leave Ranbir as she is worried about his mangetar.

Saho leaves him. Later Ranbir, Meera, Aliya, and Aryan rushes towards the mall. Riya becomes angry she hits the goons. Pragya asks her to calm down. Abhi gets a gun from goon’s hands and asks everyone to drop their guns. They did the same. Prachi throws them out. Later one goon shot Abhi.

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