Qurbaan Hua 18 December 2020 Written Update – Chahat invited Meera for a stay in Vyas Ji house

The episode starts with Neel, says to Chahat that with him she has to suffer a lot, and then he told her about that nightmare and told her that this is not the life which you should live. Neel said to her that he had booked a room, in which she came to leave with Dr.Baigh peacefully and apologized to her. Chahat said, she is confused that you are telling such things to me Chahat told him that I am going and sitting in the car, but Neel held her hand and stopped her from going and told her that he had taken this decision after thinking for so long.

Neel told her to move on and complete her study and marry a good guy. Chahat asked Neel will be able to live without her. Neel replied that he would also find a girl as I have many female fans following. Meera was moving in her car to meet Neel. Neel told Chahat that you are free for this fake marriage and asked her not to come after him anymore. Them Neel and Chahat went opposite to each other.

Neel came in his car and cried. Chahat was recalling all her past moments with Chahat and felt upset. Chahat thought she could not live without Neel as he completes her and turned and ran towards him to stop him, but Neel went off from there in his car. Meera was talking with herself, came across Chahat, and hit her with his car. Somebody snatched Neel’s wallet, and then Neel ran behind him to catch him.

Meera came out of the car and asked Chahat, are you okay? Chahat requested Meera to help her she is in an emergency. Then Meers gave a lift to Chahat. Suddenly 2 men surrounded Neel and started beating him. Neel warned them to return the wallet, but they challenged him. Neel beaten them and took his wallet back and pulled out Chahat’s pic, and threw the wallet.

Meera asked Chahat that why she is chasing his lover like this. Chahat said because he wants to go far from me. Goons saw such affection of Neel towards that pic and asked him about this. Meera was over speeding, but Chahat was requesting her to slow down. Neel thought of telling Vyas Ji that Dr. Baigh has not killed Saraswati and Chahat was just his fake Wife. Chahat stepped out of the car and heard that Meers hotel got canceled, then Chahat told her to stay with them in their house as the people of this house are too sweet.

Episode end

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