ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 18 November 2020 Written Update : Virat was perplexed

At the beginning of the episode, Patralekhaa told Neha that she just married Samraat to stay around Virat. No one knows that 

I haven’t spent a single moment with Samrat. Neha asked her that she has discussed with her parents. Or not. But the later told that she is totally confused about what to say or not. Pakhi told. Her father has confidence. That she will stay happy. Just because Virat will be in front of her. Patralekhaa told me that she can’t keep any fasting. For summer art. With a pure heart. She also told me that it is very difficult to maintain this relation. Virat. Calls Patralekha and ask about her health.

Paterlekha told she is feeling guilty for Samrat and told her not to take any tension for something. He’ll be back soon. Moshi calls Virat and told her that Sai has cut her veins. He rushed to Sai house and picks her and rushes to the hospital. He told more she. To stop panicking and pray to God for sale

Milind was blaming Virat for all the incidents. And told him that if he wouldn’t leave her alone. She Wouldn’t do anything and they were also concerned about the future of Sai. Pakhi tells Karishma Is always behind me for teasing And attorney. Always keeps taunting her. Shavini went to talk with Bhavini.

But the Laker mother told. That she will solve her problem by her own. And she will not listen to anyone’s taunt as his father is still alive. She decided to. Take Patralekha with her. But the Pakhi mother ask her to be calm and think wisely. She told Patralekha that she will talk to Anne to take you Home for a few days. The doctor came and acknowledge that Sai has lost lots of blood. And her blood group is Unique and difficult to find.

Virat donated his blood as his blood was also the same as Sai. Where Virat was recalling his first encounter when he was withSai And was recalling how criminal Shooted Sai. More she was happy. And thank God for sending Virat in his life. Virat told him that he has promised Kmal to take care of her and her education.

Virat was a little worried about the promise that he has done to put Patterlekha, that he will not allow anyone else to come into her life. Virat was totally confused on both the side what to do and for whom should he show his soft corner.

Episode end

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