Anupamma 18 November 2020 Written Update : Anupama hurts Vanraj’s ego

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama tells Vanraj that she is not taking him away from the family. He is going away from his family. She says he will have to bow down to fulfill Rishte. Vanraj says he will not bow down in front of anyone because his pride is precious to him. Anupama asks him to sell his ego. She says no one will buy because he is wandering around with a useless thing. She asks him to apologize to everyone. Vanraj says that she did not open her mouth before yesterday, and today she is giving him knowledge. He says she is a vicious player who snatched away his family from him.

He adds that because of her, Samar is insulting him, Nandni gives him attitude, Kinjal and Sanjay taunt him, and Rakhi threatens. Anupama says that he is getting taunts because of his mistake, and it is not her fault.

Vanraj says that her wings came out. Anupama says if you want to fly, you have to get wings. Vanraj tries to slap her. But Anupama holds his hand and asks him to stay within his limits. She walks down. And celebrate Diwali.
Further Kavya gets flowers from Anirudh. She feels that Vanraj has given these but gets sad seeing Anirudh’s name on the card. There, Anupama wishes Leela and Hanshmuk a happy new year. Vanraj also touches Leela and Hansmuk’s feet and congratulates the new day. Leela tells Anupama to compliment Vanraj as well as touch his feet. Vanraj tells Anupama that touch his leg with the same hand which she used yesterday. But Anupama does not touch his feet.

Samar and Paritosh seek blessings from Leela and Hansmuk. Paritosh asks Vanraj where he was yesterday. And says that Diwali was incomplete without him. Vanraj apologizes. Paritosh wishes Anupama a new year. Anupama tells Samar to take Vanraj’s blessings. Samar does the same. Vanraj prepares to go out with Kavya. Kinjal tells Rakhi to go to her in-law’s house to wish Diwali. Hanshmuk and Anupama ready to go for a walk.

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