Shaadi Mubarak 18 November 2020 Written Update : KT’s ex wife Nandni return

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti wanted to apologize to KT, but KT interrupts her and says that they should remain professional. KT and Preeti come to AT’s room. AT serves drinks to Preeti and KT. He gives KT an Almond milkshake. KT remembers his ex-wife because she too used to make almond milkshakes for him. KT asks who made it. AT says his mother. KT tells AT that he wants to meet his mother.

AT brings her mother, who falls under the veil. Preeti asks why she is wearing a veil. AT tells his mother has asked for a vow, and she will open the veil only after marriage. KT asks AT for his parent’s name. AT asks why. KT says so that they can get the wedding cards printed. AT gives him a card and asks him to get it printed. KT thinks that if AT’s mother is Nandani. Because only she used to make such a good rich milkshake for him.

Preeti disrupts KT’s thoughts and asks him to go from there. Further, Preeti asks KT how these marriages will happen as everything is extraordinary. KT ignores her and says he has some work so that he will come later. Preeti feels that KT is angry with her. KT tries to find out about AT’s mother’s name by going to the reception. But AT’s mother notices KT and sends AT to stop him.

AT hurts himself to stop KT. KT goes to him and asks how he fell. He looks after him. At’s mother becomes happy and says that her son loves her so much that he even got hurt for her. The theme of Shaadi Preeti suggests it is Dhola Maru as the story of AT’s parents is similar. Preeti sends a message to AT’s mother and asks about Sehre. AT’s mother tells her that she should not get moti in sehra because AT’s father has allergies to flowers.

KT further tells AT to go to her room. KT notices that his shoelaces are open. AT says he does not know how to tie a lace. KT helps him with this. There, Nandni, i.e., AT’s mother and KT’s ex Wife Room, has changed the room name so that KT develops confusion. Preeti asks KT to check Sehra. KT asks her not to waste his time on such tasks. Preeti is sad. KT checks the sehra and is shocked to see Moti in it.

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